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Age Of Adepts - Chapter 356


Chapter 356: Chapter 356 The Greedy Witches

Chapter 356 The Greedy Witches

It wasn't until Greem reached the front of the door that he realized the cottage was shaped like a bucket .

It was like a massive wooden bucket stuck into the dirt . There were three ground levels to the building and an underground section .

Even with the help of the chip, Greem's Spirit was incapable of reaching into the ground beneath the bucket cottage . A thick aura of death clung to the earth . He would have to alert Sharon's accompanying spirit to break through the defenses .

Indeed, the witch standing before Greem and Alice wasn't a true lifeform . Instead, it was a powerful accompanying spirit with an independent consciousness and power rivaling a First Grade adept .

She wore an extravagant dress like those of human nobles, and a red round hat on her head . She stood dignified at the door as she awaited the arrival of her two guests . She had a slim figure and a gentle, pretty face . Her light blue eyes were as bright as the purest of crystals, and her silver hair was soft and gleamed with beautiful light .

If it weren't for her body blurring at the edges under the sunlight, Greem would have had trouble identifying her as a spirit .

What shocked Greem was her aura and her beauty .

The Northern Lands were the territories of the witches . Consequently, this was a different society, a matriarchal one ruled by women . With no need to seduce and please male adepts, the witches did not need to care for their looks and figures . Thus, they indulged in dangerous experiments and exposed themselves to the side effects, causing most of them to appear as ugly old hags .

They might have been able to possess their seductive figures and charming looks once again if they invested a significant amount of resources into it, but what significance did such an act have in a world where women ruled?

In this environment where only power and women commanded, the witches did not need to waste resources to please their male partners . It was why Greem had hardly ever seen a single pretty lady ever since he first came into contact with the witches . Moreover, they tended to be more ugly the more powerful they were!

Alice instantly dashed forward and leaped into the embrace of the noble lady when she saw her .

"Cheryl, Alice missed you so much . "

Greem was stunned for a second . He even forgot to breathe for a moment .

According to what knowledge he had, all spirits were intangible . They didn't possess actual bodies that could interact with the material world . Such creatures could pass through any metal, rock, wood, or water without magical protection . In fact, spirits could phase through any substance that was not protected by magic .

This trait was the terrifying thing about ordinary spirits!

They had no real bodies, and therefore physical means could not harm them .

Supernatural powers were needed to deal with spirits .

However, the spirit before him could freely switch between intangibility and tangibility . This ability, to some extent, demonstrated her power .

As of yet, Greem severely lacked any means to deal with Spirits . The results of a battle against a powerful spirit like this one were hard to foresee . After all, the books had been unmistakable on this . Accompanying spirits were always as powerful as the Death Witch they were partners with .

"Cheryl, where is Granny Sharon?" Alice lifted her head and asked while still in the lady's arms .

"She's busy with an experiment downstairs, so she can't meet you guys . Just tell me if you have anything you need to say!" The noble lady held Alice's hand and brought her into the cottage . She turned and spoke as she walked, "Come in and sit now that you are here! You must have quite a lot of luck to have reached here!"

The inside of the cottage was decorated in a straightforward fashion, and there was a certain beauty to it .

Everything in the house suited the aura Cheryl exuded .

"Cheryl, you said that Greem was big trouble earlier . What was that about?" Alice couldn't bear to wait any longer . She asked the moment she sat down .

Greem also took a seat at her side and looked at Cheryl without speaking .

"You guys still don't know, do you?" Cheryl sighed as she poured tea for the two guests, "You killed an adept in the Witch Council's territory earlier . While it was an outsider, your actions still drew the ire of the witches . They've already added Sir Greem to the wanted list . I have a copy of the list over here by my side . "

"Wanted list?"

"Wanted across the entire Northern Lands?"

The first question was was from Greem . It was evident that he still lacked knowledge of how the witch government functioned . Alice asked the second question, and she had gotten to the critical part .

"Across the entire Northern Lands!" Cheryl nodded, "This means that any witch might try to catch Greem if they discovered him . They would then send him to the Witch Council for the bounty!"

"But Greem killed that bastard Bill to protect me . Moreover, they were the ones who started the fight . " Alice instantly exploded into a rage like a wildcat, with its fur standing on end .

"I believe everything you say . That is why the Witch Council gave out a warrant for arrest, but not a warrant for execution," Cheryl sighed, "But do you think Greem will live to reach the Witch Council and appeal his case? The Witches of Deceit probably raised this entire issue . Their goal is to get rid of the only aid you have!"

"Then, Cheryl, will Granny Sharon help the Witches of Deceit against Alice?" Alice betrayed a pitiful expression on her face .

"Cough…" An awkward expression appeared on Cheryl's face, "Given our relationship with Endor and you, I won't lay a single finger on either of you . However, if you want to survive in the Battle of Fate, then you will have to stop relying on the strength of an outsider . Greem going on the wanted list is a ludicrous thing to have been done . Yet not a single witch objected to the act . Why was it? All because they do not wish for any external force to interfere with the selection of the Witch of Fate . "

"Then what should we do now?"

"You can stay here for now . The Tower of Fate will activate in another four months . The two of you can wait until the last moment before showing yourselves again . By then there would be no point to the enemy's tricks and schemes, regardless of how many they have prepared . "

"But we definitely won't be able to hide from their investigations if we stayed here . Even Granny Sharon will be implicated . " Alice hesitated .

"Here might not be safe, but there are some places where your safety will be guaranteed . Moreover, you will have a good training experience there!"

"Where is this place you are talking about?" Alice asked, completely confused as to what Cheryl was referring was referring to .

"A lesser plane!"

Greem and Alice looked at each other . They finally got it .

Indeed! A lesser plane!

The Death Witches had lesser planes that belonged to the branch themselves, especially with how powerful they were . If they hid there, Alice and Greem no longer needed to worry about a diviner finding their location, regardless of how powerful that diviner was . That said, all lesser planes were considered to be core secrets of their respective organizations . Would the Death Witches allow two outsiders to step foot on such forbidden land?

Cheryl showed a slight smile as if she saw through their concerns, "Sharon has the right to nominate the two of you as members of the Death Witches . However, the price you would have to pay to get the Death Witches to agree would be a hefty one . It's now up to you two and whether you have the wealth to move them . Even I can't help you on this issue!"

"I agree with this!"

"Indeed . As long as this brat can pay the ticket fee, I don't mind letting Greem and Alice have a tour around Greenwood World . "

"Two little fellows that haven't even advanced for ten years . Are you sure they can come up with resources enough to move us?"

"Brat, you had best not be lying to us . If I find out I was dragged out from my lab for a pile of useless trash, you can be sure that someone will pay for it . Also, Cheryl, don't casually represent Sharon in calling for an assembly the next time . "

"Yeah, all of us are busy people . If he can't give us anything, I suggest we tie him up and send him to the Witches of Deceit . "

No one knew when or how Cheryl had cast her spells .

A dozen strange witches of varying appearances suddenly crowded the small living room . Judging by their translucent bodies, these weren't their actual bodies that had transported over . Instead, these were their spiritual projections .

A dozen witch projections floated about in the air . Greem's breath almost stopped completely .

Every single one of these witches had the power of a First Grade elite adept!

Being witches, they might not be too harsh on Alice, but they surely wouldn't hold back against a male adept like Greem .

"Sir Greem, the dozen other witches present here are all executors of the executors of the Death Witches . As long as two of them agree to my suggestion, then you will be allowed to hide in a lesser plane and wait until the activation of the Tower of Fate . Of course, we will take good care of Alice in the meantime . Thus, let us see what your fate shall be!" An expression of helplessness appeared on Cheryl's elegant face .

This was a classic case of buying his own life with money!

Greem couldn't help but smile bitterly . He lowered his head and started to think about what item in his possession he could use to impress these greedy hags .

While he did hold quite a lot of good stuff in his private stash, most of these were things that were important for his plans and development . Greem's heart would profusely bleed if he had to use them to exchange for his life .

The spacestone was out of the question!

Of the three spacestones, one had been taken away in the Castle in the Sky, and the other and been assimilated by Alice . He only had one more spacestone in his possession . It was an essential item for Greem's plans for planar invasions . This spacestone was most definitely not something he could hand over .


Golden Apple?

While the conditions for its usage were stringent, it was a top-tier resource that could be used to revive a Fourth Grade being .


Orb of Deception?

No, the survival of Alice in the Tower of Fate could hang upon this orb .


Emblem of Fire?

The emblem was a critical item that he could use to sneak into the fire elementium plane . He couldn't trade this away .


Shandera's Sheepstick?

It was a powerful crowd-control magic wand that could bypass most magical protection . If Greem gave this away, he would be hard-pressed to find a magic wand of similar power in a short time frame .


Greem was frustrated .

Firstly, the item he offered had to be of sufficient value . Otherwise, it would not be able to move these cold and heartless Death Witches .

Secondly, the item had to be something Greem couldn't use . Otherwise, he couldn't bear to part with it .

Greem's Spirit wandered around the storage belt as he thought .

All of a sudden, his Spirit came into contact with a couple of things . His eyes instantly brightened .

Of course! How could he have forgotten them!


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