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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens! - Chapter 326


Chapter 326

Chapter 326 ’’Reveal the True Face (3)’’

Dong Ruo Qin (cowardly man) really can't believe this . The woman whom he's willing to forsake his own family for had in fact long betrayed him!

’’And what right do you have to question me? Not only are you incompetent in both strength and looks, you are also lacking in the brains department too . How can you even think about deserving me?’’ Sneering in her lips, Fu Bao Yun was quite sardonic there, ’’You keep spouting about being good to me, yet what do you do? You just watched as I got beaten there today . Compared to my cousin here, you are not even worth one-thousandth of an inch to him!’’

Likely thinking about going all the way since the jug has been smashed, the abhorrent woman was outrageous enough to start getting all intimate with her lover there .

That's right, even if the Dong House doesn't want me then I still have my cousin here . By then, all I have to do is lower my dignity a bit and enter his home as a concubine . I'm sure he wouldn't treat me badly in any way!

Unlike the foolish woman's one-sided assumption, the man himself there had other ideas . Wrinkling his brow heavily, this person known as Qi Jia actually revealed a flicker of dangerous intent .

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Nothing but a useless woman, now she wants me to protect her? Dream on!

’’Mhmmhh,’’ finally, it was then Dong Mu Xue (horrible daughter) managed to break free from Lan Xiaoyun's (girl cousin) restraint and rushed to her mother's side for safety .

Shooting the coward a disgusted glare, she roars out without a second thought: ’’My mother is right about you! You are nothing but a coward, a scum compared to my real father! If not for the Dong House's fortune and inheritance, there's no way me and my older brother would've recognized you as our father!’’

Due to the strength he's using, Dong Ruo Qin (cowardly man) had unconsciously pierced his nails into the palm of his hand there: ’’You knew already?’’

’’Of course I knew, my mother had informed me of my identity long ago! Let me tell tell you this now, I was so happy when I found out that I didn't have a coward like you as my father! Compared to my true father, you don't even hold a candle to him!’’ As she says this, the horrible girl only had disgust in her eyes as if the one she's speaking to was a filthy stain in her life .

This is even better . I never had much interest in the Dong House anyways . Now that the truth is unveiled, I can go back to the Qi House like it should be .

’’If you knew I am not your real father then why did you threaten me with your life back in the palace? Do you have no shame...’’ Because of how intense this truth was, Dong Rou Qin had literally become numb to any forms of emotion . Not pain, not love, nothing at this point .

He only thought the one to betray him was Fu Bao Yun, not his two children too... . yet reality turns out to be more horrible than he could have ever have ever imagined .

’’Dong Ruo Qin, do you have no consciousness at all?’’ Stabbing her fist against the waist, Dong Mu Xue (horrible daughter) appears to be angered by the man's question: ’’I've called you 'father' for so many years, the least you can do is be grateful for it and not try to push the blame onto me . If not for my mother's kindness and pity, you think you would be able to become a father at all with your own ability?’’

It was now that Lan Xiaoyun (girl cousin) finally understood why Bai Yan would have her restrain the girl for so long - turns out there's a screw loose in that head! Nevertheless, the shamelessness that's about to happen next still managed to wow the girl even further on top of what she's heard already .

’’Mother, I don't understand . Why is it that those people over there would still want others to be grateful to them when they are doing the harming?’’

Catching the attention of everyone inside, the source of that cuddly voice belonged to the child entering the room with his mother with his mother .

Amused by her son's question, Bai Yan was more than happy to answer the inquiry: ’’Did you forget what I told you before, my son? Children created by close relatives are bound to be defective somewhere!’’

’’Oh, so Mother is saying she's missing a piece inside the head?’’ No matter how one thought about it, those big innocent eyes just didn't match that damning comment .

’’That's right, she is exactly that, brain-dead . ’’ Bai Yan too, her remark was as blunt as it comes .

Initially Dong Mu Xue didn't understand what Bai Xiachen was going with those words, but after the explanation from the boy's mother, everything was as clear as day . Almost immediately, a flare of anger erupts out of that twisted face as if those eyes were screaming bloody murder!

Yet, aside from all the mocking and hating going around in the room currently, there was something particularly out of place going on too . It was the man named Qi Jia, he was left in an captivated daze over how gorgeously beautiful Bai Yan's face was .


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