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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens! - Chapter 283


Chapter 283

Chapter 283 ’’The Earth Shattering Triple Three’’

Pricking her brow, Bai Yan was starting to get suspicious: ’’When did the two of you get so close?’’

’’Sister-in-law,’’ giving a cheeky snort, Di Xiao Wan appears quite proud when asked. ’’At the very least I and Yi Yi have exchanged a drink and fought together. Oh yes, we also sedu-’’

When it came to the last part, her tongue instantly halted. She knows, if the news of the two of them running off to the Flower Brothel to seduce the ladies there gets out, then no doubt Bai Yan would kick her out in an instant. Though the both of them were in disguise, that's not the main issue!

’’All in all, I, Yi Yi and Xiaoyun are the Earth Shattering Triple Three, we can't lose a single one.’’

Perhaps it's due to Bai Yan getting involved, but that statement was enough to brighten up the mood for the poor girl. In that second, Lan Xiaoyun couldn't resist chuckling at the silly remark.

’’Then you hurry and go find Chu Yi Yi. By the way, Xiaoyun you go back and tell Grandfather that I will personally go solve the issue, he can stay home instead. He's too old to get involved.’’

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’’Okay, I will go now.’’ Listening to the advice, the girl immediately rushed out of the palace for home.

Fortunately the distance between the palace and the Lan House wasn't very far. In no time at all, the trio were back and ready to depart with Bai Yan.

’’Since everyone is here then we're going now.’’ Picking up her son into her arms, she promptly jumped atop of the Glass Dragon's back. Following suit were Di Xiao Wan, Chu Yi Yi and Lan Xiaoyun.

Once everyone was aboard, the dragon didn't disappoint. In a gush gush of wind, its body had flew out into the distant sky like a thunderbolt.


The Wan Xiang Continent has four main kingdoms: they are the Liu Huo Kingdom, Chi Xia Kingdom, Qi Yue Kingdom, and last but not least, the Feng Qi Kingdom that's known for their female rulers.

Of the four kingdoms mentioned, Lan Xiaoyun's mother was from the Chi Xia Kingdom, mainly the Dong family. Just like the Lan House, her maiden family was one of the most powerful noble houses in that nation.

In the current moment the Dong family's estate was covered in a cloud of gloom. This atmosphere only got worse with every passing second due to the constant sighing and weeping of Old Madam Dong inside the bedroom where Dong Ruolan was being kept.

’’Why isn't Ruolan waking up? We've fed her the Dan pill and called for Healer Wu Lin too.’’

Holding his old hand out to comfort his comfort his wife on the shoulder, Old Lord Dong also appears helpless and frustrated there in the room. ’’Our daughter will definitely come to. A good person will be met with good fortune.’’

’’You still have to the nerve to talk!’’ Old Madam Dong narrows in her eyes at the old man: ’’My daughter is already in this state, aren't you going to avenge her?’’

Dong Tian Ling's face instantly went stiff at the sassy rebuke. But just as he's about to explain himself, a small servant interrupted them by rushing in from the outside.

’’Lord, Madam, the young master and the young madam is here.’’

The old woman's complexion was still okay at first, but upon hearing this announcement, her expression instantly went cold.

’’They still have the nerve to come? Have them get out of my sight, I don't want to see them!’’ Unfortunately for the old madam, her order had just barely finished when an finished when an irritation call chimed in.

’’Mother, why are you so angry? Big Sister is fine is she not?’’ The voice belongs to the female woman coming in with her husband. Despite being adorned with a fine set of clothes, borderline lavishing, her looks and demeanor only made that appearance unfriendly and hard to get close.

As for the man beside this woman known as Fu Bao Yun, timidly lowering his head, the person never once looked up to meet the old madam's eyes. It's pretty obvious the guy felt guilty over something.

’’Fine?’’ Old Madam Dong slams the bed and stood up, ’’My daughter is still stuck in a coma, how dare you say she's fine?!’’

Twitching in her mouth, Fu Bao Yun clearly had trouble in intercepting that statement: ’’I only knocked her by accident, who could've have guessed she be so easily hurt. I say, I bet you she's just acting right now.’’


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