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Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens! - Chapter 282


Chapter 282

Chapter 282 ’’So This is the Truth’’

Overcome with grief and discomfort at the content in her hands, she had gone silent.

So this is the Truth....

In actual fact, Lanyue was no foolish woman like everyone made her out to be, she's just madly in love and can't escape the web she weaved.

Now the only questions remains, did she ever regret her choices at the moment of death?

’’Child, what did your mother write?’’ The old queen looked worried after seeing how stormy the girl's expression grew.

Coming back to her senses, ’’My mother said....’’

’’Cousin!’’ It was then a loud voice interrupted her sentence from the outside.

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It was Lan Xiaoyun (girl cousin) who beckoned her attention. As if getting her courage back at Bai Yan's existence, she burst into tears and ran with all her heart over to their spot.

’’Xiaoyun, what happened?’’ Shocked by the messy appearance of her cousin, Bai Yan hurries to help support the girl's stumbling body.

’’Cousin, my mother she...’’

’’Aunt? What's wrong, something happen to her?’’ Her expression growing ever so darker at the impending reply.

’’My mother and my second brother was making a visit to my grandfather's (maiden side) place two days ago. In the end...’’ Lan Xiaoyun attempts to wipe her sobering mess of a face clean, ’’in the end she got beaten until she's in a coma. My father and my older brother is now hurrying back from their training, but before that, Grandpa and Grandma is readying the soldiers for battle. They want to get revenge for Mother! Cousin, I'm so scared....’’

’’Calm yourself first, Aunt will be fine. I will leave with you now.’’

According to Bai Bai Yan's impression, Dong Ruolan had always been gentle and virtuous on the outside, never getting into arguments or fights. So why, why would she be knocked into a coma by someone?

Contemplating her options, she eventually decides to hand the letter off to the old queen.

’’Your Grace, I'm going to have to trouble you to pass this onto my brother. Please tell him.... No matter what happens from now and hereafter, he will always be my brother. He is my family as well as the entire Lan House. On this point, that will never change.’’

So what if I am not Lanyue's actual biological daughter? As long as the bond is there and they too care for me, then that's enough.

After leaving behind this much, Bai Yan then turns away with her cousin in tow.


Palace back garden.

Di Xiaoyun and Bai and Bai Xiachen was in the middle of waiting for Bai Yan when they caught sight of the horrible looking Lan Xiaoyun.

’’Xiaoyun, tell me, who is picking on you? I will go beat them right now!’’ Di Xiao Wan instantly flared up after seeing the tearful face of her friend.

Contrary to the soothing effect some may have expected, Lan Xiaoyun's eyes only got redder: ’’Thank you...’’

’’You are Sister-in-law's cousin. That makes us cousins too. Not to mention we also worked together to beat other people and make trouble. If you are facing trouble and getting picked then it won't just be me who's mad, Chu Yi Yi will also be too!’’ Di Xiao Wan didn't disappoint at all in this important time.

Those people must be asking for death, picking on my people!

In response to that attitude and initiative to help, initiative to help, Lan Xiaoyun's heart instantly warmed up, ’’I'm fine, it's my mother... she's been left in a coma.’’

’’What? Who actually dares to hit Auntie! Sister-in-law, we must go get revenge this instant.’’

Giving her cousin a slight nod, Bai Yan readily agrees: ’’Let us go now then.’’

’’Mother, I also want to go.’’ Grabbing onto her mother's hand, Bai Xiachen puckers his cute little lips as he spoke: ’’Those baddies picked on Auntie Xiaoyun's mother, I want to help get revenge too.’’

’’Alright,’’ sweeping her gaze over to the dragon, Bai Yan locks onto the creature. ’’Perfect, this Glass Dragon can get us there in just one hour. We will use him.’’

’’Hold on, wait.’’ As if recalling something, Di Xiao Wan stops the group: ’’Something like making trouble cannot be without our third partner, we need Chu Yi Yi too!’’


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