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Adolescent Adam - Volume 7 - Chapter 8


Chapter 8

Adolescent Adam 7: Chapter 8 - Lilith's Plot

’’Uuh...’’ Mutsuki awoke in darkness. He was on a bed...he thought. It was soft and comfortable, but it was not his usual one. When he realized that, he looked around the area. There was no light, but he was oddly able to make out the outlines of things. It was probably daytime but with the lights off. There were a few heaters and small lamps around the large bed. It seemed to be a bedroom. There were lace curtains on the window. When he saw the solid-looking bars beyond that, he rapidly woke up. He tried to get up, but found his hands were handcuffed to the bedposts and he could not move. (Wh-where am I? I'm trapped in here...aren't I?) The restraints and the bars over the window were enough to tell him how serious the situation was. He had apparently been kidnapped. He had been a target since spring, but this was the first time he had been kidnapped in such stereotypical fashion. He had been prepared for it, but that did nothing to fight the fear. (H-how did this happen? Um, Shirohara-senpai went to help Ibekusa-san. Then Katsue-sensei showed up and...) He had no memory of anything beyond that. What had happened to Subaru? He doubted they would have been caught off guard with her as his bodyguard, but the fact remained that he had been kidnapped by someone. And as he thought about that... ’’...Eek!’’ He realized his legs were bound just like his arms. And they were spread wide. There did not seem to be a sheet over him, but he also could not feel any pants. His lower body was nude. And... ’’Oh, it went in♡ it here? Or maybe here?’’ ’’Move a little lower than that. Yes, around there, around there.’’ He felt an unpleasant sensation from behind his exposed pen**. ’’That is the prostate. Now massage it gently.’’

’’Yes, master.’’ There was something in his butt. It was a somewhat curved rod made of a springy hard rubber. There was no pain since vaseline or something was used as a lubricant, but he could feel a throbbing sensation run through his hips when it hit his pen** from behind. He looked toward his feet and saw two people in the darkness. One was an abnormally fat man. His cheeks rose up in what seemed like a permanent grin, so he looked something like a toad. The other was...a girl. She seemed to be foreign, her most noticeable trait was her light purple hair, and she was about the age of his little sister Chiaki. It was the same girl he had met at the campground before. ...He had not noticed it at the time, but she looked a bit like Ren. ’’Ha ha. He's getting hard.’’ ’’Nhah, ah, ahhh!’’

The sheet had been removed and his lower body was fully exposed. He gave a yell when he found he really had been stripped. The object in his butt pushed in some more and his embarrassing organ grew despite the horrifying situation. He writhed from the shock and embarrassment of having a stranger see this biological reaction and of being seen getting an erection in this situation. ’’What, ah, please stop. Who are you people...nhah.’’ He desperately twisted his body, but the bonds on his arms and legs would not budge. And even if they had, moving his hips caused the inserted object to move and shake his insides. He could not resist much at all. ’’Now, now. Calm down. We are only taking a sperm sample.’’ The man spoke in a creepily friendly voice. ’’And you can handle it. You're young after all. ...Riselle-chan.’’ ’’Okay, master.’’ ’’Ah, wait...’’ They ignored his opinion entirely and the girl called Riselle wrapped her fingers around his shaft. Her hands were nothing like Micha's or Machina's. They were the springy hands of a child. They had the perfect elasticity to poke at the head's nerves just by touching it. ’’Nee hee hee. It's so cute. Unlike master's.’’ She had to be younger than him, but her tone of voice and expression were those of a whore. She was an undeniably cute girl, so that smile was enough to bring out a man's se*ual side. Her young age gave it a coquettish twist, so it felt like the ultimate form of Lucia's provocative atmosphere. ’’I'll do oral as a special treat...nn.’’ Her pink tongue crawled across her lightly colored lips. That one lick of the lips was bewitching enough to send a chill down Mutsuki's spine. And that sweet-looking mouth did not even hesitate. ’’Hh...’’ She wrapped her lips around the head. He had known it was coming, but his mental preparations could not keep up with the pleasantly sticky sensation and he ended up groaning. ’’Heh heh. Riselle-chan, it's been a while since you sucked someone other me.’’ ’’Nn. Master, yours is big and lovely, but this one is cute.’’ The man and the girl had a pleasant chat while she gently licked all over the pen** head that was dyed the dark red of a ripe strawberry. She attacked him with the same skill as Micha and Lucia. Mutsuki felt pathetic being kidnapped and then having this done to him, but he wrinkled his brow at the undeniable pleasure. The movements of her tongue were incredible, but at the same time... ’’Do him from behind too. Take too much time and that woman will catch on.’’ ’’Okay, master.’’ ’’...Hyahh!’’ One hand on his shaft moved down, brushed against his balls, and continued on down toward something. She grabbed the rubber tube attacking his prostate and she gently shook it. ’’Ah, ahhh, nn, ahn, ahhhh.’’

The small teasing elicited a powerful reaction from the boy. The stimulation to the head had been bad enough, but now lightning-like pleasure shook his pen** from below. The heavy pleasure started below his navel and spread all across his crotch and hips. He could tell she already had her hand on his ejaculation switch. ’’S-stop...please stop...’’ ’’Oh? Your prostate is feeling that good already? Have you messed with it before?’’ ’’Ahh...’’

Mutsuki blushed when she guessed at what Micha and Lucia had done to him. The man laughed at the boy's behavior. ’’Then once that hole can open a little wider, I'll teach you how to really enjoy it. Heh heh. You do have a cute face, after all.’’ He softly stroked Mutsuki's cheek. He looked like someone who would be into abnormal things and he did indeed seem to swing both ways. Mutsuki could not take issue with that in and of itself since he would do it with Lucia, but he still felt a reflexive shudder. But that disgust and fear both faded away. (Ah, can't all...) The head of his pen** was stickily rolled around. Unlike with Lucia, the girl focused only on the one weak point as she massaged his prostate. He was melting with pleasure from the front and back. ’’Neh heh♡ Go ahead and cum. My mouth feels amazing, doesn't it?’’ A pink veil covered his vision, but he still saw a bewitching smile on the girl's lips. That proud expression was the only one that seemed suited to her young age. That lolita charm introduced an odd feeling to the pleasure. (N-no...I'm going to cum, ahhh...) Mutsuki was afraid to do what those two said. He felt a need to resist. He curled up his toes and gathered strength in his hips, but the desire to ejaculate continued to rise. The hits to the prostate seemed to push up at his pen**. More blood flowed into the flesh stake and the warm feeling of the tongue crawling across it felt all the more intense. ’’Nch, slurp, nmh, slurp.’’ Unlike with Micha or Lucia, Riselle maintained a set tempo while pleasuring him. Instead of hurrying him to ejaculation as his arousal grew, she only gently, gently licked him. She had decent technique in moving her tongue and applying force, but she seemed less experienced than Micha or Lucia. But that set tempo seemed to tease him and was impossible to bear. ’’Ah, hwah...please...stop...nnh.’’ ’’Hee hee♡ Quit lying. I can see your hips wiggling.’’ ’’Uuhh.’’ Sure enough, he could not keep his body from wiggling. And that shook the tube inserted in his anus, which just about caused it to press against his prostate. He was unable to bend backwards and the urge to ejaculate continued to rise. Mutsuki had made several girls his, but he was not acting much differently from a virgin here. ’’Ahh, nhaaahn, stop, no.’’ ’’Not a chance.’’ He succumbed to the pleasure and just let the girl have her way with him. He barely managed to keep control of his mind and tried to keep his body from moving at all, but that did not last long. The proof that he was at his limit continued to flow from the tip and it dripped down Riselle's childish face. ’’This sure is taking a while. Hurry it up.’’

The bedsprings creaked as the man sat by the pillow. He reached for Mutsuki shirt, traced his fingers along the boyishly flat chest, and pinched at the nipples. ’’Kwaaahn, n-nooo.’’ He then began a massage. Micha had teased him like this a few times and he knew how pleasurable it could be, but this was not Lucia, so the boy's mind rejected pleasure provided by a man. Even though he knew that rejection would only breed more pleasure. ’’Heh heh. What a cute chest. It's so soft. It's not just your face that's girly.’’ ’’No, not my chest.’’ The boy's voice cracked and he writhed on the bed. But the rubbing and occasionally grabbing hands provided the perfect caress. The pleasure it produced left his male pride in shambles. That joined with the sensations at his lower body and the combined torrent of pleasure broke down his rational mind. Even the fact that a man was doing this could not stop his instinctual desire to ejaculate. ’’Nn, you're about to cum, aren't you? Master, where should I put it?’’ ’’In that bottle. Make sure to seal it as soon as it's inside.’’ ’’Okay, master.’’

The two of them exchanged a smile wickeder than a demon's and accelerated their violation of the boy. His deeply penetrated anus trembled and his meat stick twitched with the same rhythm. His face flushed with frustration and ecstasy and he approached the most pathetic moment of his life. ’’Ahhhhhhn!’’ ’’Oh.’’ His heart was exposed to a masochistic pleasure that threatened to tear it to pieces. His mind went blank and his spine arched back as a line of heat raced along it. The substance that erupted out drew a white arc in the air. And... ’’Wah, wah...’’ The force of his bouncing hips and the force of the ejaculation were shockingly youthful. While sticking out her tongue to continue teasing him, Riselle cried out in surprise. The milky whiteness flew through the air and landed all over the sheets. But because of that, barely any of it got in the bottle the girl held. There was a lot of it, but she had failed to collect much at all. ’’Ahhh... What are you doing, Riselle-chan?’’ ’’I-I'm sorry, master. But you saw what he did.’’ ’’Kwah...ahhh.’’

Coincidence thought it was, Mutsuki had managed to protect himself while woozy from pleasure. The girl glared hatefully at him as the afterglow left him dazed. ’’Ha ha. Well, I suppose that's what you get with the original man. He's so very young.’’

The man was not angry, but he frowned at the failure. However, he soon returned to his toad-like smile. ’’So very young indeed. It looks like he's still ready to go, Riselle-chan.’’ ’’Eh? ...Ah, you're right.’’ The ejaculation lost its intensity as he finished firing the last few shots, but the erection's intensity had not reduced in the slightest. Because he had gotten in the habit of enjoying girls many times every day, one ejaculation was not enough to satisfy him. That meant they had several chances to get a sperm sample. Mutsuki had managed to defend himself once, but that good fortune had only led to further defilement. His leg restraints were loosened, the handcuffs were twisted around, and he was laid face down. This time he was restrained while on his knees. He was on all fours, but since he was not up on his elbows, his face was buried in the pillow below his chin. That forced him to stick his butt out behind him. With the tube still buried inside it. ’’Riselle-chan, don't remove that bottle.’’ ’’Yes, master. Oh, c'mon. Quit struggling.’’ ’’’’ Mutsuki writhed due to a different sort of embarrassment from before. A new disgrace erased the post-ejaculation lethargy. This time, the girl held the bottle to his pen** from the beginning. That meant nothing but the bottle could touch his pen**. ’’I'm better at attacking the prostate than Riselle-chan is, but I'm so good at it that your testicles respond right away. Don't expect to feel much pleasure.’’ The man pulled out the tube and stuck his middle finger inside. With all the vaseline, there was no pain. But Mutsuki was being violated by a man. By only a man. He did not like the idea of homose*uality with anyone but Lucia, so he felt pain in his tear ducts. And there was an even greater reason he wanted to cry. ’’Ha ha♡ You're already rock hard.’’ ’’Uuuh...’’ ’’I can immediately get any man off by stimulating them here. It's called a prostate orgasm. I'd rather not have it done to me, though.’’ Just as Riselle had excitedly stated while on bottle duty, the boy easily regained an erection as the man fingered his anus. In fact, he already felt a tingling deep in his balls. The urge to ejaculate was rising. When doing it repeatedly with Ange or Machina, he would sometimes cum quickly the second time, but never this quickly. It felt like the command for ejaculation had been entered before the one for pleasure. The rising urge to ejaculate sent up a sweet sensuality that blanked his mind. (N-no. This is...this is...) His pride as a man fought his biological reaction as a man. He felt like giving into this would break something important inside him. ’’C'mon, hurry it up. Don't resist it.’’ The man continued skillfully moving his finger to massage the prostate. ’’If you don't hurry, that woman will find out. And you're the one that will be in trouble then.’’ The man seemed somewhat impatient. He moved his fingers like a machine and he seemed to have a reason beyond tormenting Mutsuki. That was still no reason for the boy to abandon his pride, but... ’’That woman...Lilith really does have an excellent nose.’’ ’’...’’ His reaction changed once that name was mentioned. (Lilith...?) He had heard that name before. He could not remember when, but he had heard it a lot recently. No, he did remember when. He had just forgotten for a second. In his dreams. He often heard that name in his dreams. (No. Not just the name.)

He had met her. He finally remembered. Before...yes, he had wandered the border between life and death when he was given a lethal amount of poison and just barely avoided death with Lucia's help. He had heard her voice in the depths of the darkness at death's abyss. The light of life and all information vanished in that place. That was where he had first seen her. ’’Gh, uuh, uuuuuuuuh.’’ ’’Oh, here it is. Riselle-chan.’’ When the boy's voice crossed a certain line, the man gave the instruction. But... ’’Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!’’ Mutsuki let out a scream and began to ejaculate on his prostate's orders. His pen** shook as cum burst out. ’’Ah?’’ It shot outside the bottle and once more rained down on the sheets. ’’Ah, wait, Riselle-chan.’’ ’’I-it wasn't me.’’ The man's voice conveyed criticism this time, but the girl frantically shook her head. ’’It jerked away from the bottle. Almost like...’’ The ejaculation soon ended and she could not pursue it with the bottle. Then the boy collapsed from the prostate orgasm and gasped for breath. Lying face down must have been suffocating him because he turned to the side. ’’...It looks like his pen** is getting small.’’ ’’Eh...?’’

Shock colored the two's faces when they looked to the source of the ejaculation. It was small. But this was more than just going flaccid. The pen** was literally shrinking. The shaft pulled back and vanished into the balls and the balls stuck to the skin and disappeared. Then it split to the left and right, creating a slit. It became a vaaa**. When they looked back to his face, something was not right. That was still Fujita Mutsuki lying there, but his face was smaller and rounder and his hair had grown by more than 10cm. His shoulders were rounder and his thighs were plumper and softer. They could also see a bit more flesh on the chest below his shirt. ’’...He's a girl now.’’ Riselle was dazed. The man, on the other hand, figured it out more quickly. ’’His cells had a demon's-...I see. That Lucia set this up, didn't he? Now not even that woman won't be able to mess with him for a while.’’ In the end, he grinned. ’’Hey, Miss C.’’ He called to someone behind them. Mutsuki had not noticed, but there was one other person in the dimly-lit room. He could not be blamed for overlooking her since she had been hidden in the shadows. With her military training for covert operations, it was impossible for an amateur to locate Black Cat. ’’Go tell papa we failed to capture Adam.’’ The man heavily climbed onto the bed and grabbed the boy', the girl's shoulders. After cumming twice, Mutsuki's mind was clouded and he kept panting. He had yet to notice the change to his body. ’’I'll make this girl my slave for a while.’’ The man pulled up those moaning lips and kissed them. Like a beast biting its favorite to declare ownership. ’’...’’ Black Cat - Schwarze Katze - looked to the man and then at Fujita Mutsuki. ’’Understood.’’ She calmly turned her back on Mutsuki. ’’This is why you can't trust humans!’’ ’’I-it is still only a possibility at this stage. ...I refuse to believe Miss C betrayed us.’’ ’’That doesn't change that Mutsuki isn't here. ...Hello, Micha? It's Situation D...yes. I'll listen to your lecture later. Just send Nii-san and the others.’’ Fujita Mutsuki had gone missing. They had no idea where Miss C was, the four GPSs on him had been destroyed, and they were beginning a search and investigation. The surveillance cameras showed Miss C making contact with Kagari Enju during the festival, so the most likely possibility was that she had kidnapped him. As an angel and a demon, Ange and Lucia had to determine whether this was FeTUS infighting or an act they were putting on to capture Mutsuki. Their brief cooperation had vanished in a puff of smoke. However... ’’Don't hang up.’’ Machina called out to Ange and Lucia as they turned away to leave the school. She pointed to the frozen corpse they had agreed to leave with her. ’’Using the contents of her stomach, the fibers in the air, and the moisture contained in various materials, we can quickly determine the location of the lab she came from, assuming it is within the country. But they will likely begin leaving there soon.’’ ’’And?’’ ’’Once we know the location, we will attack immediately. And we could use as much help as we can get.’’ ’’Miss E, you would rely on angels and demons?’’ Lavriel frowned, but there was no doubt in Machina's eyes. Once they knew where Mutsuki had been taken, an all-out war between FeTUS and Kurosaki would begin. But as long as Mutsuki was in Kurosaki's grasp, there was no reason for these three to fight each other. That was of course a convenient interpretation for FeTUS and it would threaten their position in the future if they asked for help here. ’’...’’ ’’...’’ Ange and Lucia stopped walking. They turned around and looked Machina in the eye. An angel and a demon could not just trust FeTUS. Yet Ange and Lucia did trust Machina. ’’...I'll accept an email.’’ ’’Positive.’’ Ange gave her usual lopsided frown and Machina breathed a sigh of relief. Lucia hesitated longer and scratched his head, but he must have ultimately decided that this was for the best even if he was only in it for what benefited him. ’’You have 5 days. Find his location within 100 hours.’’ ’’100 hours?’’ ’’I sent some of my cells into Mutsuki-kun's body, so a safety will activate if he's really in trouble. His 'masculinity' should be sealed away for a little over 100 hours.’’ When he was poisoned and burned, Mutsuki's body had been regenerated with Lucia's power, so this had already been set up. ’’A demonic safety...? I see. That helps for now. Kurosaki should have trouble removing demonic power.’’ That worried Lavriel since it meant FeTUS could not do anything either, but she was relieved regardless. Machina and Ange focused in on a different part, though. ’’...What counts as 'really in trouble'?’’ ’’You seem to know something.’’ Lucia was only ever interested in Mutsuki, so it was unnatural for him to be so helpful all of a sudden. They could sense his impatience. The boy lowered his shoulders. ’’...It will automatically activate if he approaches the other Serpent's Eye.’’ ’’!’’ ’’!’’ ’’The other one...? Are you saying she is with Kurosaki?’’ ’’Probably.’’ When they heard that, the other three realized why Lucia was so impatient. The Serpent's Eye was the power given to Fujita Mutsuki that allowed him to unconditionally control just half of heaven, earth, and hell. Both humans and snakes had two eyes. Just as there were two se*es. ’’We can't just wait around for 100 hours. Miss E, begin the analysis immediately.’’

’’Positive.’’ ’’I'll tell Micha and the others to see if we can use the full forces of heaven.’’ ’’Tell me once you have it narrowed down at all. Even if it's just a general area, I can sense Mutsuki-kun's scent if I'm nearby.’’ They knew what to do. Lavriel, Ange, and Lucia. Three members of three organizations turned away from each other. But not as enemies. This time, it was so they could regroup once more. So they could work together to rescue Mutsuki. ’’...Jiyuuni-san.’’ After Lucia and Lavriel left, Machina suddenly called out to just Ange. The angel turned around and the girl spoke in her usual plain voice. ’’I am almost certainly the cause of this.’’ ’’What do you mean?’’ ’’Kurosaki is rushing things because they know the Holy Grail resides in my body.’’ This continued what they had discussed the day before, so Ange fell silent. Machina continued on regardless. ’’If the enemy is using their full strength, we cannot wait any longer. Once we rescue Fujita-kun, I will tell him to use this Holy Grail.’’ ’’...’’ ’’I will tell him I want to make a baby with him.’’ The Holy Grail. That referred to Eve's womb. And there was only one way to use a womb. Bearing the child of Adam, the original man, was the purpose of the girl born to hold the Holy Grail. That was the reason Ibekusa Machina existed. ’’So you've made up your mind.’’ ’’...I'm not sure.’’ Something still bothered her, though. It was the same thing that worried Miss A. Whatever her body's purpose was, there was still the issue of her feelings. ’’But I will say it.’’ Machina's tone was decisive. What feeling was behind that? The expressionless girl did not know if she had a mutual understanding with human-hating Ange. But she said this to Ange alone. ’’I will tell Fujita-kun that.’’ ’’...I see.’’


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