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Adolescent Adam - Volume 3 - Chapter 3


Thursday, January 21, 2016

Adolescent Adam 3: Chapter 3 - Lonely Witch

That garden was always filled with bright sunlight and a gentle scent of grass.
The girl sitting at the white wood table and sipping at a teacup was FeTUS Witches Miss A. Her lovely blonde hair was fluttering in the wind.
It scattered a glittering light whenever the comb passed through it, so it seemed to be releasing a fairy's magic powder.
The only problem was how the refreshing breeze was drowned out by a sigh.
A tall woman in a maid uniform was combing the young lady's hair. The woman was probably at least one hundred ninety centimeters tall and she had the lung capacity to match.
’’Miss D, if anything is troubling you, then tell me instead of just sighing. It tickles.’’
’’Uuh~~. You'll actually listen~?’’
The maid spoke sweetly and clung to her. But at 1.5 times her height, she nearly crushed the girl.
’’The kids at school are so mean~. Just because I'm a liiiittle more developed than normal, they always make fun of my height~.’’
’’That is a sign of affection.’’
’’But calling me a Demon God is going too far. I have a maiden's heart, you know?’’
’’Whoa, whoa.’’
Just having the woman rub up against her caused the girl to shake so much she thought the chair would break.
She could not drink her tea like this, so she shrugged and reached for the candy on the table instead. She rolled the candy around in her puffed out cheek and spoke to Machina who was watching from the other side of the table.
’’What do you think, Miss E? Is there a problem with Miss D at school?’’
’’Negative. She has perfectly blended into her teaching job and her targets of observation have shown no signs of noticing she is a member of FeTUS. There is no problem.’’
’’I see. I was worried given how she looks, but there shouldn't be a problem as long as we can use her as a trump card.’’
’’What do mean 'how she looks'~~?’’ (Tremble tremble)
’’Whoa, whoa.’’
Miss A was helplessly shaken in her seat.
It did not look like the maid's complaining would end anytime soon, so Miss A dealt with her own hair by giving herself a symmetrical hairdo using scrunchies.
Machina ignored them and enjoyed her tea.
The tea party in the bright garden continued despite the noise.
’’A trump card you don't intend to use is meaningless.’’
Until a stray cat interrupted, that is.
A sharp voice seemed to slice through the air and tear that peaceful world to shreds. The blue sky, never-ending grassy plain, and floral-scented wind all vanished and the tea party was wrapped in darkness. Only the white wood table remained.
The three witches all turned toward the voice.
’’Mankind can no longer afford to hide its hand. We should abduct that boy immediately.’’
A woman stood there.
It was Miss C, aka Black Cat. Her hands were clasped behind her back and she stood tall like a pillar of steel, but she was an impulsive woman with sharp vertical slits for pupils.
’’Don't look so displeased. I can't enjoy my tea like this.’’
Miss A sighed and snapped her fingers.
The room's image of a peaceful plain returned. The maid began preparing another serving of tea, but Black Cat ignored the proffered cup.
’’Enough is enough, Miss A. When do you plan to hold the inquiry?’’
She approached the young lady, but the girl did not seem worried and held her mouth as she spoke, since she was not yet done sucking on her piece of candy.
’’When the time is right. Wait a while longer.’’
’’To hell with that! Maintaining the status quo might be convenient because you can ignore the discontent in our ranks, but while you're sitting around here, we have no idea what the Adam boy will do!’’
She struck the table in anger. The white wood easily broke, knocking the cups and tea snacks to the ground.
The girl shrugged in annoyance and bit into the candy in her mouth.
’’Have you already forgotten your previous failure?’’
The unhidden sharpness in the words pierced through Black Cat.
’’You must know the truth now. It is impossible for us to forcibly restrain the Adam boy named Fujita Mutsuki. It is impossible for any woman.’’
The steel woman grimaced as she recalled what had happened.
Two weeks before, Black Cat had defeated the boy's bodyguard, but she had failed to secure him himself. She had been aroused by his power - by Adam's power to rule all women - and she had been forced to flee.
The humiliation must have returned to her mind because she clenched her teeth.
’’And of course, we can't just use a man. If the other Serpent's Eye were to show up, the boy would fall into that woman's hands and we would lose all hope for the future.’’
Miss A calmly swept aside Black Cat's opinion and signaled to the maid.
When the maid touched the scattered pieces of the table and ceramic cups, they regenerated so perfectly that no seams could be seen. She prepared new tea in the same cups.
The young lady looked no older than six, but she was actually a witch who had lived for over six hundred years. She plainly showed off the dignity of her age as she faced Black Cat. The woman's shoulders trembled in anger, but she was forced into silence.
Somewhat aged wrinkles entered the girl's youthful face.
’’I understand your impatience, but now is the time to wait. With heaven, earth, and hell gathered, the world could be swallowed up by discord at any moment. And if an all-out war breaks out, we will hold the weakest position.’’
’’How long must we wait?’’
’’That is up to the boy.’’
The girl spoke quietly and calmly, leaving the woman with nothing to say. Machina and the maid were watching all the while, so an almost painful silence ruled the garden for a while.
’’What if we wait, but the boy makes the wrong decision?’’ Black Cat suppressed her intense emotions and spoke in a quiet voice. ’’If he makes a different choice, conflict will come to this world.’’

’’Then that will be the new chapter of human history.’’
’’I can't do it! All of human civilization hangs in the balance, so I can't leave it all up to a single boy! I refuse to just wait!’’
She held the ferocity of a starving lion and yet maintained an intelligent look in her eyes.
She was a born warrior.
She was willing to spill blood if it was to protect someone.
She would not hesitate to fight if it was for something important.
’’I trust in our power...the power of knowledge. Man became man by eating the Fruit of Knowledge and has built up our history until this very day.’’
She turned her back.
’’When awaiting an inquiry, you must remain on standby until a decision is made. I cannot permit you to do anything concerning that boy.’’
Miss A's sophisticated voice did not reach that back which carried a dignified will.
’’I know that. I will obey my orders and I will not make an attack.’’
She quietly added ’’I won't anyway’’ just before leaving.
Silence filled the garden. The maid's expression had stiffened and wrinkles covered the girl's brow. Machina was as expressionless as always and she had not even set down the tea she had been drinking.
’’What a troublesome girl. I doubt she will go on a rampage while being disciplined, though.’’
Miss A sounded tired and she faced the girl across the table from her. Machina immediately set down her cup and stood up.
’’This is in your hands. Don't neglect your observation duties.’’
Mutsuki, as well as the angel and demon that hung around him, currently attended Private Megutono Academy which was built on a hill a short way out of town.
Several buildings had been built on the large campus and it was constantly investing in the latest technology. A security system was active at night, so it was entirely deserted. The school did not even hire night guards anymore.
Anyone who could switch off the security system would have the entire place to themselves.
A single figure wearing the school's uniform stepped out of the clock tower looking down on the town from the center of the campus.
It was Machina. The school really was nothing more than a private school, but a FeTUS branch had been newly constructed below the hill for easy entrance when Fujita Mutsuki had enrolled. To camouflage herself as a normal student, she went to the trouble of leaving from a different entrance and returning through the main gate in the mornings, but with no one else around, she walked straight from the clock tower without hiding.
Her footsteps rang throughout the dark school as she walked to her usual building, her usual classroom, and her usual desk.
No, to the desk right next to it.
She peeked inside the desk. Fujita Mutsuki was a diligent student, so he did not leave many of his school supplies at school. She only found a pencil case and an English dictionary that was too bulky to carry around easily.
This was not what she was looking for, so Machina stood up.
She found what she was looking for on the shelves at the back of the classroom where people stored their bags during school.
A sports bag had been left in spot #12. That was the space for Fujita Mutsuki.
He had apparently forgotten to take it home after using it for the volleyball practice. Machina carried it over and dumped its contents out onto his desk.
She found a somewhat damp PE shirt and shorts, a track suit, and a student handbook.
The girl's expression remained unchanged, but her fingertips moved gently in satisfaction.
Golden lines danced out like strings of honey. They rode the wind like silk threads and they were absorbed by the surface of the handbook. The golden threads moved like living creatures to draw mysterious geometric patterns and ultimately stopped glittering all at once. They disappeared entirely.
That was a tiny Springloaded. She had not used any before because Jiyuuni Ange would complain, but it was meant to monitor Mutsuki and sound the alarm if necessary. As long as he carried the handbook with him, she would know immediately if any danger befell him.
The girl had completed her errand.
But she suddenly opened the handbook.
Despite being born with the power to rule all women, Fujita Mutsuki had apparently never interacted with girls much. Out of all the photos inside the handbook, only one was with a girl.
Only the one with Jiyuuni Ange.
The girl sighed expressionlessly.
She thought she felt a prickling in her chest, so she set down the handbook with a downcast look.
Something churned in her heart. ’’Impatience’’ was the closest description she could find and it was quite unpleasant. And then...

She felt a tickling in her stomach and she turned her legs inward until her knees touched.
She did not know why, but she could not seem to calm herself. She decided to place his things back in the bag and leave as soon as possible.
But when she folded up his clothes, a raw sweaty smell wafted from the damp fabric.
As soon as she noticed it, her heart began beating louder. Her heartbeat grew without end. It was almost painful.
The tickling in her stomach grew stronger with it.
Without realizing how improper it was, she brought the object in her hand to her nose.
It had been a hot day and he had worn the track suit over his clothes during their volleyball practice. His clothes had become quite sweaty and were still noticeably damp.
She took a sniff from close up. It was a raw and wild smell that did not match her image of him. The line along the collar was especially strong.
However, she did not find it unpleasant and her nose even twitched as she sniffed some more. By the time she had filled her lungs with his scent, her eyes had begun to grow damp.
(Oh, no. What am I doing?)
That was when she came back to her senses.
She quickly moved her face away from the shirt that was close enough to touch her nose. She grew overly embarrassed by the nameplate before her eyes that said ’’Fujita Mutsuki’’, so she shook her head.
But she noticed the student handbook out of the corner of her eyes.
The prickling feeling grew again. It was an unpleasant sense of impatience.
And that brought back the desire to sniff at his scent.
She was in the school at night. She was emboldened by the fact that this usually busy space was wrapped in a hidden atmosphere of darkness and stillness.
She could not overcome the temptation. Her emotions pushed her in a direction she would never have gone normally and she brought the shirt to her mouth again.
She was hesitant, but she finally buried her face in it.
As she breathed deeply, a tremor ran through her body from the base of her legs to her head.
(Would you say this...stinks? But...)
A salty and almost fermented sour aroma pierced into her nose.
She could not identify people by their smell, but this was the one exception. She was confident that this was Fujita Mutsuki's scent.
Ibekusa Machina had no mother or father, so he was the closest person to her.
(What is this feeling when I'm surrounded by Fujita-kun's smell?)
It was a strange feeling she had never felt before. It was the polar opposite of the previous prickling and it seemed to soften her emotions.
After a small sigh, she followed her excited thoughts and embraced the shirt.
She so wanted to feel his lingering scent and the plentiful sweat stains that she rubbed it against her cheek. Her entire slender body twisted charmingly.
An unexpected shock reached her from an unexpected place.
She had leaned so far forward that the base of her legs had struck the corner of the desk. The curved portion had perfectly dug into the gap between her tightly clenched thighs.
She blinked in surprise, but then she exhaled.
She then pressed up against the desk herself. She pressed the desk through her skirt and against contents of her panties.
A tingling ripple ran through her body. It licked at the itching depths of her stomach and invited in ecstasy.
The exposure to the boy's wild scent made her unusually bold. She rubbed the shirt against her nose while breathing loudly enough to echo throughout the empty school.
Her closed thighs gradually spread and she was soon straddling the corner of the desk. The hard wooden panel was squishing her soft flesh.
( I...doing?)
She had enough se*ual knowledge to know about normal masturbation, but she was unfamiliar with this abnormal act of pressing up against a desk corner. She was incredibly confused by the fact that she was not stopping.
However, she could not stop herself. She did not want to stop herself.
(Fujita-kun's shirt... Fujita-kun's desk... Fujita-kun's...)
His residual scent seemed to have hypnotized her.
She tried licking at the sweaty smell covering the fabric.
As soon as the saltiness registered on her tongue, a heavy tingling filled her womb. Starting from the body part rubbing against the hard desk, the tingling transformed into trembling pleasure.
Strength left her body and her upper body collapsed limply onto the desk. Her skirt was pushed up onto her butt, revealing the white thighs on either side of the wood panel and the cute pink polka dot panties.
A wet stain had spread across the bottom of her panties as if the shirt's sweat were contagious.
’’Ah...nn...nhah...ah, ahhh...’’
The pretty heart shape of the butt contained inside the polka dot panties wiggled back and forth.
Each time, the corner of the wooden panel dug into the crotch. The sensitive mound inside had grown incredibly soft, so its shape changed as she writhed about. If she had removed her panties now, the contents of the crevice would surely have been entirely visible.
She was having trouble breathing, so she subconsciously opened the front of her uniform, revealing the round breasts that always felt restrained by her clothing because they were simply too large for the rest of her body.
(I'm...horny. ...This is so embarrassing.)
With her massive breasts fully exposed, she noticed the light pink tips were plump and erect and realized just how shameful she was.
Her nipples had a tendency of growing obscenely large when she was aroused. Her bra and uniform were already too tight, so the nipples only made the clothing feel all the more in the way and oppressive.
She had not known this until Fujita Mutsuki had shown her.
When he was around, that part of her body would take on the form he would most want to suck on.
’’Fu...Fuji...Fujita-kun... Nn...Fujita...-kun.’’
It was not just those two points that were reacting so shamefully. There was also a spot on her lower body that was throbbing to make its presence known.
Unable to resist, she brought a hand between her butt cheeks.
He had tormented this spot in the infirmary before. She had resisted, but he had forcibly teased it.
And he had made it into a spot that still wanted to be teased two weeks later.
She simply let her index finger sink down through her panties, but the bottom of that valley had already softened up quite a bit. She only had to press in a little bit and her finger was swallowed up along with the polka dot fabric.
’’Ah...ah, ahh...’’
She immediately felt like the se*ual particles contained inside her body were swelling out.
A tingling pleasure traced across her skin. Her spine reflexively arched back and her weighty bust bounced one beat later.
Before she could even tell it to, her finger wiggled around, loosening up the embarrassing anus visible through her panties. She also began rubbing her vaaa** against the desk more boldly. Her hips were now dancing right and left.
(What if Fujita-kun saw me doing this?)
The thought embarrassed her and made her feel pathetic. She was a young girl pressing her crotch against a desk while sticking a finger in her anus. She was sure he would view her with contempt.
Even so, she could not stop. She held his unfolded track suit with her elbows and shifted the position of her nose on his shirt. She moved from the collar to the armpit. The strong sweaty smell had the same raw sensation as human skin. She did not sense anything from the side of the shirt, but...
She detected a familiar scent at the very bottom of the shirt.
But the piece of clothing ended there, so her focus turned to the shorts.
She of course hesitated and bit her lower lip.
Her rational mind was insisting that she must not do this, but...
(Th-this is Fujita-kun's fault.)
Her crotch fidgeted on the desk corner. She was only stimulating the shallowest area, but the sticky pleasure of a much, much deeper place was resurrected from the depths of her memories.
He was the one that had made her body so se*ual. He was the only one who had been inside her body and he was the only one who had rubbed dozens if not hundreds of times against the sensitive flesh within. As if marking her as his territory, he had sprayed his hot fluids inside her womb, and that had remade her womb into such a lewd thing. So...
She brought the shorts to her nose.
It was the same raw small she remembered from pleasuring him orally and it unconditionally melted her brainstem.
More than the stimulation from the desk, it was his smell that filled her with almost painful levels of pleasure. She was nearly on all fours now and her se*y body began bouncing.
’’Ahh...Fujita...-kun. ...I hot...’’
She spoke aloud in the classroom for the first time. Obscene carnal cries escaped her lips as the male smell guided her to the border of ecstasy.
This was her first climax not provided by Fujita Mutsuki and that fact filled her chest with a somewhat forlorn feeling.
Instead of a bursting flash of light, it felt like the light was fading to darkness. Instead of a sense of floating, she seemed to be falling. It was the opposite of normal and that alone made it strange enough to give her goose bumps.
The hand holding his shorts and the finger teasing her anus both stiffened. Her long legs stretched to their full length and the line from her stomach to thighs wriggled like a slithering snake.
The corner dug in far enough it was probably spreading her crevice. Deep within her panties, her inner flesh began an outward surge.
The wavelike contractions continuously sprayed her juices toward the polka dot fabric. There was far too much for the nylon to absorb, so it dripped down her inner thighs and from the center.
The wave was far weaker than those he gave her and her legs went limp once it receded. She collapsed onto the desk.
She gasped for breath while blankly thinking back on what she had done.
She wanted to hold her head in her hands. Rather than the previous prickling feeling, she felt a heavy physical sensation of displeasure on her back. Was this self-loathing?
But no matter how hard she tried not to face what she had done, the wrinkled track suit and PE uniform were right before her eyes, the corner of the desk was wet enough to glitter in the moonlight, the residual pleasure remained in her body as a tingling, and her panties were still digging into her butt.
( I doing?)
The next morning arrived.
’’Good morning, Ibekusa-san. The first bell hasn't even rung yet, so I'm surprised to see you here.’’
’’I'm sorry.’’
Mutsuki stifled a yawn as he arrived at school and Ibekusa Machina (who was in the classroom earlier than usual) immediately apologized to him.
’’Please do not ask why, but I'm sorry.’’
He had no idea what this was about, so he tilted his head as he took his seat.
For a moment, he noticed a scent that should not have been in a classroom, but it did not hold his attention. He was a little curious why he had a brand new desk, though.
This had been a strange morning. Ange had been blushing the whole time and she would look away whenever he tried to talk to her. Machina was acting odd too, and...
’’Good morning, Mutsuki-kun.’’
’’Good morning, Lucia-kun. ...Hm?’’
The last one was also acting odd. Lucia would always embrace Mutsuki the instant he saw an opening, but today he sat in his seat like a normal person. Then his upper body collapsed onto the desk.
’’What's wrong?’’
’’Nothing. It's just...that woman seems to be doing well.’’
Ange, Machina, and Lucia were all acting weird in different ways. Not that Mutsuki was in the best of shape after getting so little sleep.
’’Take your seats everyone.’’
Their homeroom teacher, Katsue-sensei, arrived.
’’I have an announcement to make: Starting today, classes will only last a half day. I will be meeting with you about your plans for the future in the afternoons, so stay here if you're scheduled for today. If you want to practice for the game tournament, make sure not to interfere with the club activities.’’
The teacher briskly finished the announcements like usual and the student in charge for the day had them all stand and bow.
Mutsuki was worried about Lucia since the boy did not seem to be doing well, but...
’’Oh... Yes?’’
’’You're getting careless with your bow. Do it properly.’’
Their strict teacher scolded him, so he was unable to speak to the boy.


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