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Adolescent Adam - Volume 1 - Chapter Prologue


According to Genesis, the world was created from discord.

Human history is a history of discord. The first woman was a product of the very first man's discord with heaven and the devil and he made her his wife. The serpent's deception created discord with nature, cursing mankind with the suffering of work and childbirth. Their discord with life burdened them with death and their discord with god ultimately banished them from paradise.

One of the man and woman's children killed his brother, splitting their life between civilization and farming. Finally, mankind attempted to construct a tower to reach heaven, but they angered their lord and were given the discord of separate cultures.

In all of history, conflict has never once vanished from the world of man. No one lives their lives without sin. When a man is born, he must cull millions of his brothers.

According to Genesis, the world of man will never overcome that discord and obtain harmony.


If some form of harmony does in fact exist...


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