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Across The Stunning Beast Princess: Phoenix Against The World - Chapter 86


Chapter 86

Provocation from the Strong [10]

None of them is The enormous Raging Seven Tail Dragon heavily smashed on the ground. Sima Gi Yan was dizzy and his eyes were dimmed because of the fall. He stood up and promptly restrained the thunder rays from the dragon's body to avoid injuring others.

When the Ice Luan Spirit bird that dived down to save Huang Bei Yue saw that she was saved by Zhan Ye, it flapped its wings and took to the sky once again.

The panic didn't bring about any casualties. After the shock, the emperor immediately opened his mouth to ask: ’’Sima qing*, you... are you alright?’’

His tone still carried quite a bit of shock. No one would've thought that Nan Yi Country's 'Undefeated General', Sima Gui Yan, would unexpectedly lose so miserably.

Even people with spirit beasts had been beaten down from the sky to the ground.

Sima Gui Yan knelt on the ground, lowering his head, big beads of sweat drip down from his forehead. This was all forced out because of the immense pressure from the black gas.

’’This servant is fine.’’ Sima Gui Yan shook his head disappointingly. After quite a while did he raised his head. He faced the person in the black cloak on the back of Ice Luan Spirit Bird, said: ’’I lost.’’

The person under the black cloak didn't say anything, faintly waved her hand without saying a word. Confidently and at ease, she urged the Ice Luan Spirit bird to leave.

’’Sir Xi Tian...’’ The emperor wanted to urge him to stay, but the speed of the Ice Luan Spirit bird is so fast. He just started talking when that white as snow shadow was already gone.

The emperor can't help but be disappointed.

Huang Bei Yue secretly worry worry that Dong Ling left so fast because of the extreme cold from the Ice Luan Spirit bird's body harmed her.

This time, Zhan Ye saved her. Which was a big surprise to her. In her memories, crown prince Zhan Ye and Huang Bei Yue hardly had any close friendship.

She doesn't know that at that time that Zhan Ye did it subconsciously. Seeing that her thin and weak silhouette was on the verge of being hit by the Raging Seven Tail Dragon that was falling down, he didn't even think about it when he summoned the Purple Fire Unicorn to save her.

Maybe it's because she's the only child that his royal aunt has left in this world, that's what Zhan Ye had said to himself to justify his action.

But this action of his, made many people in Xia Guang hall raised their eyebrows in surprise.

Xiao Ling was Ling was so angry that she stomped her foot at the moment when that happened. She was right next to Huang Bei Yue;however, the crown prince only saved Huang Bei Yue. He didn't see her at all!

Xiao Yun also coldly humphed, her heart suddenly wished that the Raging Seven Tail Dragon had fallen down and smashed her to death.

Why would the crown prince only save that waste? I'm afraid only the crown prince himself will know the answer to that question.

The Purple Fire Unicorn fell on the ground, Zhan Ye quietly whispered: ’’I apologize.’’

After that, he wrapped one hand around her waist. While holding her, they both jumped down. Only when they stood steadily on the ground, did he let her go.

A feeling of warmth flows into her heart.

Huang Bei Yue understood in her heart, crown prince Zhan Ye thought that she doesn't know martial arts know martial arts and that her body is weak. Therefore, he immediately summoned the Purple Fire Unicorn to save her.

It doesn't matter if this action stemmed from family love because of Princess Zhang or if he just simply sympathize with her, in her heart, towards this cold and handsome youngster he scored a perfect hundred.

The youngest 9-star summoner in the Karte Continent, Nan Yi Country's respected crown prince. This youngster's strength, appearance, and his heart, she incomparably admires.

After he put down Huang Bei Yue, without saying a word, he walked towards the emperor and empress. Staring at his back, the corners of her lips curved up into a little smile.

’’The crown prince only saved you because you were nearby, don't think too much into it!’’ Xiao Yun said with a sour taste in her mouth.a fool, no one will sacrifice their lives in vain.


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