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Across The Stunning Beast Princess: Phoenix Against The World - Chapter 199


Chapter 199

The Difference Between Cloud and Mud [10]

But the Punishment Flame from the Honorable Spirit isn't something that can be easily obtained .

’’Xi Tian, how's the poison in your body?’’ Zhan Ye asked with concern . The poison in her body should be even worse than his .

’’I'm pretty well right now . That day I was accidentally by the Punishment Flame and it had burned the poison out of my body . ’’ Huang Bei Yue had said half truth and half lies .

That day the matter about meeting that man in the sea of fire, she doesn't want other people to know for now . It's not that she doesn't trust Zhan Ye . It's that the matter regarding that man was too strange . There was also no point in saying it .

But the matter as to how the Punishment Flame can cleanse the poison of the Sky Swallowing Red Snake, she didn't hide it from Zhan Ye .

After he heard what she had just said, Zhan Ye's cold face became surprised: ’’You endured the Punishment Flame?’’

The people who had received the Punishment Flame would be in a coma for a few days in order to wake up . This Xi Tian, it seemed like she didn't receive any major injuries .

’’It could be that I'm lucky and had only been hit by a small flame . Hence, I didn't get any serious injuries from it . ’’ She vaguely understood that the man from that day didn't genuinely intend to injure her by using the Punishment Flame .

Zhan Ye muttered to himself irresolutely: ’’I didn't expect that the Punishment Flame would be able to control the poison from the Sky Swallowing Red Snake . ’’

Huang Bei Yue's heart slightly stirred, she asked: ’’If the Emperor ordered a decree, would Principal Cang He be able to ask the Honorable Spirit out to help Crown Prince detoxify detoxify the poison?’’

’’It's impossible . ’’ Zhan Ye didn't even think about it before shaking his head . There was no disappointment or resentment on his handsome face . Instead, he had an elegant demeanor on, like a person of a noble character .

’’Although the Honorable Spirit is the patron saint of Ling Yang College on the surface, in fact, he has nothing to do with Ling Yang College . He had lived in the Seventh Tower for so many years, yet even Principal Cang He didn't see him appear much . Principal Cang He simply can't move him . ’’

On the contrary, Huang Bei Yue's disappointment was a bit heavy . Originally she had thought that if the Emperor had commanded it, even if the Honorable Spirit is big and prideful, no matter what, he would've come out .

But now that she had listened to Zhan Ye, she felt that that Honorable Spirit isn't a good thing .

Huang .

Huang Bei Yue was silent for a moment as she thought about it . Since they're unable to invite the Honorable Spirit, then they could only think of another solution . She doesn't know if the scroll that the Medicine Saint had given her, the《Hundred Ways of Refinement Scroll》would have any solution to this . Tonight when she goes home, she'll take a good look at it .

She was just thinking this when Yan, who was in her heart, lazily sneered: ’’Stop dreaming . Only the Punishment Flame can completely cleanse the Sky Swallowing Red Snake . There is no other solution in this world!’’

Huang Bei Yue coldly snorted . Yan, this old monster, he was almost burned to death and he still had come out to make sarcastic remarks .

’’Yan, you want me to beg the Honorable Spirit?’’

’’If you want to save Crown Prince Zhan Ye, then that is the only way!’’

Huang Bei Yue no longer responded to Yan responded to Yan . If there is really no other solution, in order to save Zhan Ye, she'll go look for the Honorable Spirit .

They had gone through fire and water as well as fighting side by side . He trusts her and he had helped her . Huang Bei Yue had always return people's droplets of grace with gushing spring . But in any case, she can't let Zhan Ye lose his life just because he saved hers!

’’I know some refining pharmacist . Maybe they might have a solution . ’’ Huang Bei Yue fixed her black cloak . She slightly relaxed her voice, ’’Your Highness, you must take care of your health . ’’

’’Thank you . ’’ Zhan Ye smiled as he nodded his head . He had always known that this Xi Tian's origin was mysterious . So he didn't think it was strange that she knew a few refining pharmacists .


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