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Accompanying The Phoenix - Chapter 27.1


Chapter 27.1

Fu Rong silently stepped back, as if he had ran into an aura of death. This guy...... his forehead was covered in cold sweat. He really couldn't marry such a person, ah!  

If it were said that Fu Rong had any inkling of hopes and wishful thinking towards Shen Li before, they were completely shattered. He cleared his throat, trying to get control of the situation. ’’Ben, Benjun only heard that the demonic beasts in the Demonic Realm's Space Time Rip ruins escaped and that the miasma had spread everywhere. So, Benjun has decided to help the demonic realm's people in purifying the miasma. How could Benjun think like that....’’ He paused before mildly finishing, ’’You're welcome!’’ 

Shen Li narrowed her eyes before examining him up and down. A effeminate air, gaudy clothes, with his hair tied up in a blindingly flashy gold dragon jade coil. She smiled coldly, ’’Lord Immortal is joking.’’  

 Apart from when his Imperial Grandfather was angry with him, in all 99 levels of Heaven, no immortal had ever dared to look at him like that. He shouted furiously, ’’What's your problem! Do you look down on me that much! Other immortals wouldn't dare to say, but apart from Deity Xing Zhi, nobody else in Heaven has the ability to purify the miasma.....’’

 ’’Don't be noisy.’’ Xing Zhi suddenly spoke. He glanced at Fu Rong coldly, ’’Lord Immortal, does the Celestial Emperor know about the trip you made to the Demonic Realm this time?’’

Fu Rong looked at Xing Zhi before awkwardly scratching his head. Although this deity's face was always cold, he could sometimes show a gentle smile. But when he spoke to him, Fu Rong's body still couldn't help but unconsiously tense up as he obediently replied, ’’Naturally I told Imperial Grandfather this time. Imperial Grandfather let me stay here for a few days to help the Demonic Realm's common people.’’  

That was just a pretext, his Imperial Grandfather really just wanted for him and Shen Li to grow feelings for each other! But since these people didn't know about that, there was no need for him to say that. 

 Shen Li rubbed her forehead as she grudingly accepted the fact that she would have to share the house with the stupid Gentleman Fu Rong. Suddenly, Xing Zhi spoke up behind her, ’’That's right. Today's still early and Gentleman Fu Rong just took a bath to purify the body so your whole body is clear and bright. It'll definetely help to improve the common people's situation.’’ He pointed at the courtyard's door, ’’Lord Immortal should quickly go out now, right?’’ 

 ’’Yi!’’ Fu Rong was startled. Shen Li also looked at Xing Zhi, surprised. She knew perfectly well that helping the people was only an excuse. Lord Deity, this...... Shen Li realised, this was just bullying Fu Rong, ah.  


’’On the way here, I saw that the miasma south east of the Capital was especially strong. There's no harm for Gentleman Fu Rong to take a look.’’ He pointed. Fu Rong felt that it was truly difficult to get off the tiger after riding it (impossibile to stop halfway) and nodded, ’’Alright, Lord Deity......’’

After Fu Rong left, Shen Li couldn't help but ask, ’’Did he offend you?’’   

  ’’Why would Wangye say such a thing?’’

 ’’No...... I was just thinking Lord Deity looked like you were bullying him.’’

 Xing Zhi smiled and didn't speak. Shen Li also didn't ask anymore, letting Rou Ya prepare some hot water to take a bath.  

 Alone in the courtyard, Xing Zhi kneaded the space between his eyebrows as he talked to himself: ’’I just...... can't help but feel annoyed at the sight of him.’’ He sighed, lowering his head as he smiled, ’’Really, what's wrong with me.’’

 Shen Li cleaned herself and calmly entered the Demon Palace with Xing Zhi. General Shang Bei had conveniently ran to report back to the Demon Emperor as fast as he could. After reading over Shang Bei's report, the Demon Emperor's face was still green and red when he suddenly heard the attnedant announce outside the door, ’’Emperor, Wangye and Deity Xing Zhi have come.’’ 

The Demon Emperor was startled and rolled up the report. He stayed silent before finally speaking. ’’Let them in.’’ 

 The door was pushed open and the Demon Emperor got up to welcome them, ’’Deity Xing Zhi, we are honored by your presence. Please excuse our demon race for not going out to recieve you, we hope you can forgive us.’’ 

 ’’Demon Emperor is too polite.’’ Xing Zhi smiled, ’’Coming here this time was just to remodel the Space Time Rip's seal, and didn't mean to disturb you all. Its just that the Azure Sky King needed a witness, so.....’’ He then looked at Shen Li, who immediately bowed, ’’Demon Emperor, this time, Shen Li really wasn't trying to flee from the marriage! I only went to the boundary to kill the demonic beast. I had originally planned to return with General Shang Bei, but..... I ran into an accident.’’ 

 The Demon Emperor looked at Shen Li, ’’Since the person's already come back, it no longer needs to be discussed. I've already heard Mo Fang's words. This time, you have done a great merit, making up for earlier mistakes. I won't investigate and go against our 'Wang' (king) title.’’

  Shen Li was delighted. Although she had always been bold, she always somewhat revered the Demon Emperor and so she had always felt bad over fleeing the marriage. The feeling was like a child caught stealing from the candy jar.

 Xing Zhi looked at her, his gaze unable to help but turn soft. 

The Demon Emperor looked at the two calmly and opened his mouth, ’’Deity has come from afar. It'd be better to rest in the Demon Realm for a few days and let us Demons show our sincerity and thanks.’’ 


  ’’Then I'll be troubling you all for the next few days.’’

 The Demon Emperor nodded, raising his voice to call for an attendant to arrange a residence for Deity Xing Zhi. He was just about to speak when Xing Zhi suddenly cut in, ’’In the Demon Realm, I currently only know the little Wangye. It's better for me to just stay with Wangye, then she can also guide me around the Demon Realm.’’ 

  Shen Li was startled, ’’If the Demon Emperor is fine with it, I'm fine....’’

  Behind the silver mask, the Demon Emperor stared at Xing Zhi for a long time before finally speaking, ’’Then lets do it like that. I would like to chat with Li'er about family matters, may Deity please wait in the lobby.’’ Xing Zhi nodded and the attendant led him away. When they could no longer hear his footsteps, the Demon Emperor asked Shen Li, ’’Injured?’’

  ’’Not very badly.’’

  ’’Fu Rong is also here. With two extra people in your home, do you need another servant?’’

  ’’Probably not. Oh right, Demon Emperor, is it possible to have my parrot back?’’

  ’’Take it back, it's loud enough to annoy a person to death.’’


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