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Absolute Choice - Chapter 565


Chapter 565: The Holy Tree Blooms

"Humans can be categorized into good and bad, just as how there is a difference between pure pixies and fallen pixies . Not every pixie is good;likewise, not every human is evil . "

Shi Xiaobai pondered over his words for a few seconds as he felt that he needed to explain in greater detail . Therefore, he continued, "No species or group should be placed under the camp of good or the camp of evil . It's because this world does not have absolute good or evil . With different angles and points of views, things are seen differently . There is definitely some difference between good and evil and there might even be a twist . This King has no intention to exonerate the evil acts of pixies that betray themselves . Even from the angle of a human, that is an evil sin that should be punished . However, where there is light, there is darkness . On the contrary, light must be present for there to be darkness . With the existence of baddies that betray the pixie, there must be heroic existences that will punish the baddies . The rampant acts that are done by sinful factions also imply the potency of the heroic organizations . "

This was not the first time Shi Xiaobai was explaining his understanding of good and evil . Back in the Nine Revolutions Transcendental Tower, he had once had a deep discussion with the blond girl who was deemed Hero King three thousand years ago . Therefore, he already had the words at hand to deliver his words confidently .

The naive pixie girl was left confounded by the seemingly unintelligible concept . She attempted to comprehend the meaning behind the words but failed . Perhaps Shi Xiaobai's presentation of his harmlessness finally got to her as she turned a little emboldened . She said in angry embarrassment, "I don't understand! Simpler, explain it in a simpler manner!"

Shi Xiaobai smiled, finding it quite a normal occurrence .

He knew from a very long time ago that people had different levels of intelligence . Not everyone possessed a natural intelligence of a king like he did . For instance, a confidant that could instantly connect with him like Dawn Li was a rare breed . Most people were a little witty like Liu Yu, or terrifyingly honest like Feng Yuanlin .

"In short,"Shi Xiaobai directly gave a simple conclusion . "Not all humans are bad . There are also good humans . And This King is a professional hero meant to deal with baddies . Not only will he not harm you, he will also protect you . Do you understand?"

Cherryblossoms obviously understood such a direct explanation but there were things she remained confused about . She could not help but mutter, "I know about heroes . Granny is a hero of the pixies! But… why are heroes categorized into professionals and non-professionals?"

From Cherryblossoms's understanding, heroes were great pixies extolled by everyone for their great contributions to the species or if they saved their kind during a particular catastrophe .

Why would anyone claim to be a hero?

Cherryblossoms remembered her grandmother's words . There was only a tiny chance for one hero to appear out of a million pixies . Heroes were rare and precious, existences that could hardly be found . Only when people recognized you as a hero did you have the right to be deemed a hero .

Although Cherryblossoms felt that her grandmother's words had a smugness that did not match her age, her grandmother commanded universal respect among the pixies . She was looked up to by thousands .

Cherryblossoms found it disconcerting to connect the role of the lofty hero to the base role of a profession .

Shi Xiaobai ruminated over it .

In a calamitous era, the word Hero was not a mere title or honor bestowed on them . It was a global organization, a profession that was recognized and respected by the public . It was a symbol of the strong as well as a representation of the brave . Heroes would defeat calamity fiends, saving humanity and protecting Earth . This was knowledge known by all .

The young pixie had asked a question lacking in common knowledge but Shi Xiaobai was not surprised by it . After all, he had already realized that there was a huge difference in what they deemed as common knowledge .

The young pixie had previously mentioned terms that Shi Xiaobai had never heard before like the Postnatal realm and the twelve-race alliance . He originally believed that it was a problem with his own level of general knowledge but now, he realized that the problem stemmed from the concept of common knowledge .

His 'common knowledge'and the girl's 'common knowledge'was not the 'common knowledge'born out of being in the same society or even the same world .

"Did This King transmigrate once again?"

Shi Xiaobai could not help but consider this terrifying thought .

Shi Xiaobai had experience transmigrating in the past . The last time, he had transmigrated from Earth to an alternate universe without any warning . The civilization and general knowledge he knew underwent tumultuous changes .

Now, he had arrived in a forest without any warning and his general knowledge was being turned on its head as well . Shi Xiaobai had no choice but to suspect if he had transmigrated to another world .

But it was still too early to jump to conclusions . There was still the possibility that the forest was isolated from the outside world that resulted in a difference in 'common knowledge . 'It was still possible that he remained in the same alternate universe .

Of course, the more awkward possibility was that both he and the girl lacked 'common knowledge . '

Swish! Swish!

Suddenly, there was a rustling sound of leaves amid the forest .

Shi Xiaobai was slightly taken aback . Where did the wind come from? He clearly could not sense the existence of the wind . And strangely enough, there had not been any winds in the luxuriant forest since the very beginning .

How did the leaves rustle without a wind?

Shi Xiaobai listened carefully and was surprised to realize that the sounds seemed to come from every direction .

At that moment, a fragrant smell rushed at his olfactory senses . It resembled that of paddy fields, the fragrance of green grass .

"Ah! It's the Holy Tree's fragrance!"

Unlike Shi Xiaobai's shock, the pixie girl had already closed her eyes, taking in deep breaths as though she was intoxicated . It looked like she was greedily breathing in the fragrance that suddenly appeared .

"The Holy Tree is blooming again!"

The corners of Cherryblossoms's mouth curled into a blissful smile .

"Holy Tree? What Holy Tree?"

Shi Xiaobai seemed to recall something as he asked .

When Cherryblossoms heard his voice, she suddenly opened her eyes and stretched out her hand to cover the youth's nose . "Ah! Don't smell it! You can't smell it!"

Shi Xiaobai did not dodge, allowing the girl's soft palm to cover his nose and mouth .

Only then did Cherryblossoms's nervous expression relax . She heaved a sigh of relief . "Phew! That gave me a fright!"

Shi Xiaobai gave her a questioning look .

"The Holy Tree is blooming!"

Cherryblossoms said matter-of-factly but when she saw how the youth remained perplexed, she finally realized that he was truly unfamiliar with the situation . She said in surprise, "Don't you even know this? During the World Tree's blooming, all living beings apart from pixies are not to approach it in a fifty-kilometer radius . The Holy Tree's fragrance is a great tonic to us tonic to us pixies but a toxin to other living beings . Isn't this common knowledge?"

Shi Xiaobai's pupils constricted slightly .

"World Tree!?"

This was the third time Shi Xiaobai was hearing the term .

He had heard it in his first meeting with Kali and the second time was when the Infernal Queen was explaining the story regarding the Transcendence, Time, and Fate Holy Trees .

The stories they told were not the same but be it Kali or the Infernal Queen, they all mentioned one thing . The World, Time, and Fate Holy Trees had been destroyed by the Original Sin of Calamity during the first apocalypse .

Shi Xiaobai still remembered back when he asked Kali who she was and the long story she recounted to him .

The story began with: "Ten thousand years ago, I was a pixie that guarded the World Tree, leading a carefree life . Then because of the first apocalypse, the World Tree lost its life, and before it withered, it chose me to be the inheritor of its power . Back then, I was a pixie, as well as the World Tree . "

The World Holy Tree had been destroyed ten thousand years ago!

No, that's not right . His knowledge stemmed from a world different from the pixie's . Then, the World Holy Tree that the girl mentioned might not be the same World Holy Tree he knew .

"I need to return . "

Suddenly, the girl that hid behind Cherryblossoms poked her head out and whispered, "I'm the pixie that protects the World Tree . I need to return . "


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