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A Warm Wedding And A New Bride Of Young Master Lu - Chapter 13


Chapter 13

Chapter 13 A Breathtaking Moment

Upon returning home at night, Lu BaoYan received a call from his mother .

’’I know where you are planning to go tomorrow night . I hope you will bring your wife with you . ’’

In Tang YuLan's amiable tone, there was a clear hint of orders .

Lu BaoYan frowned ’’Mom, I'm sure she don't want to go to that kind of place . ’’

’’Is it JianAn who don't want to go or you who don't want her to go? Don't think that I don't know that Han RuoXi will also attend!’’

Tang YuLan didn't give him chance to tolerate ’’Tomorrow night, you have to let everyone know that JianAn is the daughter-in-law of Lu family . This way, I believe that old fox, Su HongYuan will not dare to do anything dirty . ’’

Lu BaoYan massaged the area between his eyebrows and sat down on the sofa in the living room ’’I know, I will take her with me . ’’

At this time, he saw Su JianAn playing her phone and walked passed by him . He hung up his phone and called for her ’’Come here . ’’


Su JianAn probably did not hear him and went straight to the second floor .

Lu BaoYan's knitted his brows ’’Su JianAn, come here!’’

Su JianAn looked at Lu BaoYan ’’Are you calling me?’’

’’Come with me tomorrow night,’’ Lu said .

’’I don't want . ’’

Su JianAn lowered her head and continued to play with her phone .

She was already tired working for a whole day . It was better to rest and sleep at home or play with mobile phone .

In this world, only Su JianAn dared to reject Lu BaoYan without hesitation .

Instead of being angry, he smiled ’’It doesn't matter, I also don't want to take you there . ’’ He called Old Xu ’’Tell the old Madam, the Young Madam does not want to go . ’’

’’This...’’ Old Xu was hesitated .

Su JianAn suddenly raised her head and glared at Lu BaoYan ’’Auntie wants me to go? You obviously don't want to take me, but why did you say that it's me who don't want to go? Treacherous!’’

’’I don't want to, but I still ask you . And it's you who refused . Don't tell me... . you don't want to take the blame?’’

Lu BaoYan really did not bother to concern .

There's no way she would refute and can only bite her teeth ’’I am going!’’

She doesn't want to go anywhere with Lu BaoYan, but it's Tang YuLan who hopes her to go . She naturally won't let Tang YuLan down, only this way she could paid back her her kindness .

Lu BaoYan raised his lips ’’Very good . ’’

’’...’’ Su JianAn imagined punching him a thousand times .

* * *

At 5 pm on the next day, Su JianAn made an autopsy report and drove home . She accidentally found two strange young women sitting in the living room of the house .

She stared blankly and looked at Old Xu ’’???’’

Old Xu smiled and said ’’Young Madam, this is the stylist and makeup artist called by the old Madam . They will help you prepare . The Young Master should come back soon, and then you can leave . ’’

Su JianAn did not react, and was pulled to do makeover .

Lu BaoYan finally arrived home and went into the living room .

At this moment, Su JianAn just finished with her makeover and put on a beautiful evening gown . She came downstairs and bumped into Lu BaoYan .

Su JianAn wore a very light nude makeup . Her facial feature do not seem to have much different . They were still pure and innocent . But she no longer wore a casual outfit, she put on a navy blue and long dress, her black long hair was generously curled up, these changes add a feminine touch to her .

Her appearance was pure and charming . . This was the first time Lu BaoYan see her dressed like this .

The tailoring of the dress fits perfectly into the curves of her body and also sculpts her delicate body curves . The design of the off-the-shoulder makes her white and soft shoulders and beautiful clavicle unveiled .

She stood unmoved on the stairs and her eyes was looking at him . Her pair of peach blossoms shone with aglow light, attracting people's attention .

Lu BaoYan can't deny that he was stunned for a few seconds, and there seems to be something weird in his heart...

Su JianAn didn't notice Lu BaoYan's reaction at all . She was not used to wear such a dress and kept on fiddling with her skirt . She asked him awkwardly ’’When will we go?’’

Lu BaoYan fixed his mind ’’In 15 minutes . ’’ He went upstairs to change clothes .

Su JianAn went to the sofa in the living room and sat down . Old Xu handed her a glass of lemonade ’’Young Madam, the dress you're wearing is so beautiful . ’’

’’Thank you . ’’ Su JianAn took the lemonade and inevitably remembered her mother .

Before she turned fifteen, like most of girls, she had a wardrobe full of dress, which her mother bought for her . Her mother said that she should dress she should dress her as beautiful as the little princess .

After her mother died, no one had bought her a new dress for a long time . She was wearing a school uniform all the year round . When she grow up, she bought all her clothes herself, but she always subconsciously skip buying skirts or dress, because the seemingly beautiful dress hanging in the store cannot compare with the dress her mother bought for her .

Now she's working, and because of professional reasons, she can't wear a skirt . She only wear something casual all the year round .

Su JianAn stopped herself from thinking about his mother and continued to drank some lemonade . Then she heard Lu BaoYan's voice ’’Get up, follow me . ’’

She subconsciously looked at Lu BaoYan and stunned .

He had on an expensive custom suit fitted perfectly on him that makes him look extraordinarily handsome and tall . The difference is that this time he wore a three-piece suit, deep black, and his two eyes gave a feeling of unfathomable feeling, but could not stop the elegant and luxurious feeling that emanated from him .

This man sure had the ability to kill people by his look and appearance . Every woman who see him will probably fall head over heals for him .


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