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A Tale Of Two Phoenixes - Chapter 44


Chapter 44

Chapter 44 With talent, one becomes radiant

’’Three years,’’ answered the old doctor.

Chu Yu raised her eyebrows. Setting down the records, she began to walk out.

The timing was just right.

Those times that had been concealed, perhaps out of coincidence, perhaps with intention, were most definitely something worth looking into. But she could not appear too hasty or obvious.

Of course. Now she was Princess Shanyin.

Chu Yu had already asked that all responsibilities be handed off to Huan Yuan temporarily. Of course this didn't mean that he was going to immediately replace Rong Zhi. No matter in terms of popularity or reputation, or even experience levels, Huan Yuan was far behind Rong Zhi, who had grown so familiar with the role.

If she tried to shift power like this...without even considering Rong Zhi, the levels below him would likely go into riots, perhaps even revolt.

That's why although it seemed like she was using ’’temporary exchange of power’’ as an excuse, it was really all she could do in the moment.

She asked Huan Yuan to go to Rong Zhi's place not only to obtain the seal, but also to bring instructions from above and the accounts to Rong Zhi to ask for his advice. He was an encyclopedia for them, with so much experience in handling everything. Under his instruction, they'd be able to halve the efforts and reap twice the profit. profit. If Huan Yuan were to figure everything out on his own, they'd have to waste a lot more energy.

When Rong Zhi had recovered, most of his authority would return to him. Huan Yuan could also help, but not with much.

Taking things step by step, without haste or pride.

Chu Yu had that kind of patience.

After returning to her dwellings, Chu Yu asked for the personnel records from four years ago until now. She asked for more than she needed to confuse anyone who might be alerted to her true intentions. But after all was said and done and the doors were closed behind her, the records that Chu Yu focused on were those from three from three years ago to four years ago.

There was a sense of surprise, but also that she wasn't truly surprised by what she saw. Three years ago there had been a big personnel shakeup in the princess's palace. In other words, the people working here right now were completely different from those who had been here three years ago. As for the people who had been switched out, there was very little indication on the record as to what had happened to them.

Something must have happened in that time period for such a dramatic shift to have occurred.

But now Chu Yu had a different question on her mind. Should she really go and investigate? If the investigate? If the result was different from what she had imagined, or she became so distracted that her judgement slipped up, then wouldn't she have lost more than she gained?

On the other hand, to put it aside and ignore it...Chu Yu's curiosity couldn't be suppressed. Plus, the whole affair might be related to what was going on right now.

After asking for the records to be returned, Chu Yu took a slow walk through the palace, hoping that fresh air would somehow unravel the mysteries that troubled her. But soon after she had walked from the east palace, someone approached from the opposite side. The moment Chu Yu saw him, she couldn't help but smile a bit helplessly.


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