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A Sorcerer’s Journey - Chapter 38


Chapter 38: Nina was Mired

Translator: John Cui Editor: Zayn

’’Nina! Nina!’’ Glenn shouted continuously into his crystal ball, trying to

contact Nina to determine her location.

After a sizzling sound, Nina communicated her message to Glenn. ’’Glenn, are

you doing okay?’’

’’Yeah, I am fine. What about your situation? Are you in any trouble? Did you

contact other people in our team?’’ Glenn was not delighted. From the images

received from his crystal ball, Nina was running in a panic and was ready to cry


’’Glenn, several people are chasing me people from the Compass School of

sorcerers. I just heard from Lafite and Robin. They are coming for me. And

Lowry is with me.’’

Lowry was really into Nina despite her permanently injured eye. However, he

had neither good appearance nor prowess in terms of sorcery. Besides, he came

across as awkward in movement. So Nina had refused to accept his love.

’’Why are they doing that?’’ Glenn sounded rather anxious.

’’It was Lowry. He discovered a Moon Chirper. When we were digging, it

chirped and attracted them. Ah...’’

In the crystal ball, Glenn saw that Nina drop to the ground. Then the ball

became dark and the contact was lost.

’’She is in real trouble. The students from the Compass School won't let her go

with the Moon Chirper (a plant that is alive).’’ Glenn felt more worried.

The Moon Chirper was much sought after because it could double the

efficiency of meditation, which could result in improvement of the

practitioner's mental strength. One prerequisite was that the Chirper had to be

in the moonlight to work. A considerable number of sorcerers were interested

in getting one.

Glenn cared for Nina. So, the moment he realized the danger she was in, he

sprinted toward Nina.

As for Nina, the place where she tripped turned from hard ground to a swamp,

and she was stuck.

’’Nina!’’ Lowry cried out.

Lowry's capabilities were mostly related to pharmaceutics and thus, they

couldn't be put into use in rescuing Nina. Born into a fisher family, he had

rough and dark skin, and he was slow with his words.

The Compass Schoolers were closing in. Since Nina was bogged, Lowry would

undergo the same fate as her if he chose to stay.

And he stayed for the love of his life.

’’Stop, or I will destroy the Chirper. I will definitely do it.’’ Lowry threatened the

pursuers while holding the Chirper firmly in his hand.

The way Lowry protected Nina was desperate. If Chris Nina's brother had

been here, there wouldn't have been a problem. The siblings had worked on a

sorcery that would be brought to maximum power when one of the pair played

an auxiliary role, and they had succeeded. Unfortunately, Chris was not here.

Lowry was the only one Nina's life depending on.

Lowry tightened his grip of the Chirper. The force made it scream like a baby,

and its fluffy root swung as it wiggled its body.

’’Is this a threat? Haha, We are not to be threatened. You do anything to the

Chirper, and you will be dead.’’ The head pursuer returned in the same

menacing voice. But he was frightened by the prospect of the Chirper being


Nina was struggling in the mire, and she had been immersed from below her

waist. Nina had her mask on. So, even though she was feeling pathetic, not

knowing if she was going to die this way, nobody could catch her expressions.

’’Hello, belle. I couldn't think of you dying so miserably. As long as you ask that

stupid brat to give us the thing, you will be fine.’’ A member from the chasing

team approached Nina, and stopped at the edge of the mire.

’’No! Don't you ever touch her! ’’ lowry's threat turned into entreaty.

The hunting team had deemed Lowry as a coward who could not do something


Nina's mask was thrown off.

’’Pukey. What an ugly freak.’’ The boy who produced a sorcery that peeled off

Nina's mask retched. He then turned to Lowry, with a livid expression on his

face. ’’You give me that thing in three seconds or I will destroy you!’’

Nina was now exposed. She was completely terrified. If one could see through

the mire, they would see her legs trembling.

On hearing the threat, Lowry had lost his courage and threw the Moon Chirper

into the air.

The head of the pursuing team became suddenly alert and was ready to catch

the Chirper.

’’What the f*ck! What is that?’’ The chief cursed.

When the Chirper was thrown to the apex, a student who was not known to any

of the students present at the scene was seen in the tree, just a few meters

away behind the Chirper. He then squirted his tongue. The tongue extended

unbelievably and rolled up the Chirper.

The student had hidden himself in the tree since the bullying scene began, and

nobody had sensed anything about his being here. If Glenn had been on the

spot, he would have sensed his existence through his enhanced olfactory

function. Interestingly enough, this boy was the one who had stalked Glenn

and escaped when Glenn realized that he was being followed.


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