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A Sorcerer’s Journey - Chapter 35


Chapter 35: In front of the House Where the Mirror is Hidden

Translator: John Cui Editor: Zayn

As mentioned in the last chapter, Glenn had consumed much of his magical force to create the

Firebird, so to keep himself from any possible dangers while replenishing his magical force, he

buried himself three meters below the ground through the Cylix, a seed of a flower he had

received from sorcerer Elaine.

And Glenn found that if his magical force was at maximum value and when he made no

physical movement, his chain mark would vanish temporarily and would no longer be felt by

people around him. However, any movement of his body would activate his chain mark, and

thus, the signals; when the value of his magical force was full, the scope where these signals

could reach was much more limited.

It was the first day of the test and the first batch of mirrors were going to arrive. Knowing that

his magical force had been nearly refilled, Glenn tapped a leaf of the flower that he was in, and

it moved upwards slowly until the soil overhead loosened and the flower broke out of the

ground. When Glenn dripped a drop of potion on it, it immediately constricted back to a seed.

Glenn headed toward a mountain. On his way, he did not bump into anybody because despite

the fact that Glenn's magical force was full, whenever he moved, anyone within around 30

meters could feel the signals. The students invariably shunned him.

The mountain was about three kilometers away from Glenn, and the night screen was going to

hang down in about an hourglass.

Even from such a long distance, Glenn could see that the mountain was coated in thick trees

and bushes. Suddenly, there came a long howl.

’’The mirrors have arrived.’’

Glenn felt a thrill going through him, and he ran full throttle towards the nearest mirror, which

was in that mountain. So did the rest of the test-takers.

Glenn did run into a few number of students but they uniformly stayed clear off him, and he

was not in the mood of chasing them at the cost consuming his magical force which might be

put into better use in the scramble for the mirror.

Everyone in the Bramble Forest had now reached that consensus, and thus, the weaker were in

a relatively safe position before arriving at the spot.

In a few moments, Glenn had reached the place where the mirror was hidden.

’’A mirror in such a shabby house?’’ Glenn felt dismayed, fearing that the mirror's power might

be overpowered.

At the time, about 30 students had arrived before the house.

What interested Glenn's attention was a big tree, around 30 meters high. The long arms of the

tree were waving in the wind as if they were guarding the house by entangling the invading

enemies and strangling them.

When Glenn had a closer look at it, he discovered that the tree was alive, and the long flapping

arms were in effect arms. It had a large twitching mouth and looking through it, two lines of

jagged teeth were shining in the nightfall. It was this tree that had made the roaring howl.

’’This is the Colorado Nightmare Tree. What is special about it is that it has to be fed once in a

hundred years with human blood,’’ a student in the 30 or so group said.

’’And we are so doomed to be here at the time of him in need of food?’’ Another student echoed.

’’That's true. I've seen three students swallowed by the monster, and he seems still hungry.’’ A

student exacerbated their frustration.

’’Where can we get some food it needs?’’ A stupid question made all the students present


The majority of the group had come single-handedly, but there were two who came together,

and both of them had a ten-point chain mark, meaning they had killed some students and

absorbed the power of their chain marks.

The male one from the pair said something to the other a female who was sitting on the back

of a lion. The female didn't answer. She had not been prepared to annihilate the students and

sent them to the avaricious mouth of that brute.

Glenn watched and kept his body motionless, waiting to see how the situation would unfold.

At that time, a student stepped forward towards the entrance of the house. He had employed

invisibility sorcery, but he could still be seen from time to time since that sorcery of his had

obviously not been practiced to perfection.

Therefore, the watchers were laughing coldly, waiting for the time when the rash boy would be


To their astonishment, that off-grade invisibility sorcery fooled the tree, and the boy succeeded

entering the house. When the boy was sent away, a sound of metal colliding with metal broke

out from inside the house, as if he had been sent off through a transmission gear.

The students were all enraged. But the house did not disappear.

’’So one mirror might serve more than once?’’ Glenn and the two ten-point mark students


The male student urged the female. ’’If you haven't made your mind, I have.’’

’’I have.’’ The girl threw a sneering look at the boy. She then flapped the lion's rump and

charged at the students, and the boy followed.

The crowd's ability could, in no manner, match the pair. So, some of them flustered into the

house, a considerable number of them were caught by the tree and the others scampered off, no

long caring for the sh*tty mirror.

In the distance, Glenn was still watching, assuming an extremely calm expression. Soon, a girl

came to him in her desperation.

’’Thank God, Glenn, help me. It's Olivia, from the Black Isotta. Please.’’ The girl recognized that

Glenn's chain mark belonged to her school, so she had run to him for help.

Glenn stepped up and guided her to his back.

Olivia was almost stressed out a moment ago and now she was temporarily in a safe haven, but

her face was still bleached.

’’The boy is cruel, and he is powerful. You be careful, Glenn,’’ Olivia warned Glenn.

Glenn had already sensed the signals sent by the boy's chain mark, and he was sure he would

take the boy easily. But he just remained still to trap the boy coming closer to him.

As the boy drew nearer, Glenn revealed a scary look as if he was the hunter, ready to have the


Glenn moved, although he had not wanted it.

As Glenn made a move, his 33-point chain mark erupted and sent in waves of huge power that

’’flooded’’ Olivia behind him and the attacking boy who was only a few steps away.

’’What the hell?’’ The boy was almost petrified and in no time he ’’rerouted’’ to get clear of Glenn.

But it was too late. The boy and the girl were both consumed by Glenn's Firebird.

’’I will come back for you, you masked man!’’ A student who had escaped a hundred meters away

screamed at Glenn.

Glenn ignored the threat. Instead, he was counting the newly collected chain marks. ’’Good, 18

points of new chain marks.’’

In the slaughter, Glenn had, in fact, killed another two students besides the pair.

Olivia was the only one left unhurt. She was standing there, terrified by Glenn's brutality and

the prospect of being killed by him.

However, Glenn smiled to himself and was about to comfort her when the tree spoke:

’’You have more than 30-points of chain marks. You are granted the access to the house.’’

’’Interesting!’’ Glenn looked up towards the tree.


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