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A Sorcerer’s Journey - Chapter 33


Chapter 33: Glenn Killed Two

Translator: John Cui Editor: Zayn

With the consumption of some magical stones, Glenn was squeezed as thin as lasagna on the

scale before he disappeared.

’’Ah!’’ Glenn had passed through time and space to arrive at the Bramble Forest, the designated

place of killing. Glenn almost vomited after the displacement. He had not dabbled with

Hematology Sorcery, which could provide greater endurance and make one less prone to gross


Glenn was not a moron to let his guard down even though he was caught by dizziness. He

observed that two students were confronting each other about ten meters away.

Glenn could discern that neither of them belonged to his school based on the marks on their

foreheads. Actually, one of them was from the Ivory Castle School of Sorcerers, and the other

came from the Compass School. Glenn had overheard their hostile conversation before his

existence was detected by them.

’’They are not my school fellas and even if they are, that are still my enemies. Things may be

slightly different for members from the Death Sail League,’’ Glenn said to himself and stealthily

regarded the two students before him as irreconcilable adversaries.

Glenn was wearing his Ashen Mask and that hindered them from recognizing the mark on

Glenn's forehead. Thus, they had no idea if Glenn was one of their own guys. Then again,

proximity of relationships didn't waiver a person from being an enemy. The simple truth

applied for Glenn and them, too.

Catching that Glenn was breathing heavily and was at the verge of sickening, they transferred

their ire on Glenn simultaneously, as if there was an agreement in effect, binding them to do so.

The two students took the first strikes. With a mutter of spells, a short yet pointed knife

approached towards Glenn and in a split of second, an icicle hurtled behind the knife, as if the

former was chasing the latter.

Glenn was still trying to recover from his sickness and was sort of reeling when he was

suddenly faced with the brutal and violent attacks. Since running or dodging were not an

option, he produced the defense shield by virtue of his Ashen Mask.

As you might recall, the Mask offered extraordinary defensive power by creating a shield to

assist in countering an attack, and offenses below 20 points would simply be bounced off.

’’Clank, clank!’’ The knife hit the shield and bounced off to a stone on the ground, followed by a

shower of broken pieces of the icicle.

'Less than 20 points power of attack! That is weak!' Glenn thought to himself. He was aware of

their powerlessness since their weapons were both destroyed by his shield.

It was commonplace for students to not be able to produce over 20 points power of offense

because most of them only had a mental strength limited within 10 to 17 degrees, with only a

three-year meditation to stimulate the strength up.

The number of those whose mental strength had reached 24 degrees or more, like Glenn

himself, could be counted on one's fingers..

The two students gaped anxiously at Glenn as if he was a wild animal who was ready to get

them. And they wondered what power was hiding beneath that mask.

One of them came to himself apparently more quickly than the other and ran away immediately

by reaching a much greater pace with the help of an Acceleration Sorcery. This condemned the

other student to be a much easier prey to Glenn. And Glenn would not let go of an easy prey.

Glenn produced a firebird, which flew at the student in an agile manner.

The student caught on fire and burned wildly as he screamed miserably.

As was illustrated by Sorcerer Elaine on the Basics of Sorceries, the firebird was a fancier form

of attack with much higher degrees of energy; it could be as high as 70 points. As a result, the

poor student was burnt out in a few minutes.

Thanks to the killing, the mark on Glenn's forehead became clearer.

’’Burp.’’ Glenn finally had the chance to throw up.

’’It could be easily mastered, but it would come with a cost. The cultivator was likely to be

deformed in some way.’’ Glenn hassled with the strong points and weak points of cultivating

the Hematology Sorcery.

Glenn regained his vigor and pulled out his crystal ball from his coat to try to contact Lafite and

the others.

The marked 200 square kilometers area was too expansive for the crystal ball to cover. Its

coverage was, in effect, a range of merely 10 kilometers, allowing for the average level of the

students' mental strength.

The contact failed. So it seemed that Glenn's team, or now Lafite's team, had been dispersed


Glenn checked the map and found no major landmarks that might lead his team members

together. So he took a random road in the woods.

As Glenn drew along, he was caught off guard by a colony of nameless wasps which were

antagonized for a reason that Glenn had no idea of and were buzzing in on him.

Glenn miscalculated the danger he was in. His enemies came from Mother Nature, too.

'There must be hundreds of them! I will be gone in minutes,' Glenn thought as he produced the

bubble shield again.

The swarm of wasps patted on the shield heavily and intermittently like great rain drops

crashing on the glass windows of the penthouses. Certainly, these little creatures didn't have

sufficient offense power to crack the shield, nor did it require Glenn to consume his magical

force to support it in the defense. They were coming at him stubbornly even when many of

them had been sprung off.

So Glenn was entrapped, and the Ashen Mask - the producer of the shield - was not able to

replenish the element energy, which was extracted from nature, to keep itself working.

But sorcerers fought tough wars using their wisdom instead of using violent means. Violence, if

not properly leveraged, was tantamount to silliness.

Glenn pulled out a vial of potion, and it gave out a scent of no decent nature as Glenn opened it.

The odd scent dissipated through the shield and filled the air. The forceful wasps were dispelled

and fled away as if there was a flood washing them.

The wasps gone, Glenn was covering his mouth to protect himself from the foul odor. Suddenly,

a few meters away from him, something in the bush moved.

Glenn approached toward the bush for a few steps but stopped. Although the first day mirrors

had not arrived and thus only a few students would have the upper hand without its help, there

were gifted ones like Kyrie and Bionna, and his enemies might be from other sorcery schools of

which he had little knowledge. And what if it was a wild hog or something whose impact was

too strong for the shield to hold?

As Glenn was thinking how he would deal with the thing in the bush, it moved again. Glenn

took a couple of steps further toward it. The thing suddenly broke the entangled and unkempt

branches and emerged.

’’Ha, a man!’’ Glenn sneered.

The man appeared rather panicked. He must have seen how Glenn defeated the former two

students and the wasps and thought Glenn was too powerful to have as an enemy.. Before

saying anything, he had scuttled.

Glenn extended his right arm towards the man and a vine appeared. The vine crept quickly yet

tenaciously along the ground and tripped the escaping man by tying his ankles.

It was the magical tool Lafite sent him that had produced the vine.

’’Humph, such a lame sorcery is gonna get me?’’ The man puffed and his feet slowly turned into

a pair of bovine hooves and easily got out of the vine ring.

As the man stood up and got ready to run again, Glenn started the Firebird and sent the fire to

chase him.

It seemed that this man was stronger than the former two, and he had mastered some quite

good sorceries. Right before the fire was going to catch him, he melted into a ball of blood and

spurted away.

Glenn came to where the man had vanished, looking a little bit downcast, but he found some

blood stains on the ground.

’’Haha, you idiot. You left your personal information? Let's see if you've raised Symbiotic Insects

or not.’’ Glenn laughed insidiously.

Glenn set up an altar and put a straw man on the center of it. He then dipped his finger on the

blood stain and chanted. As Glenn was murmuring, a cloud of red mist floated upwards.

The escaping man halted a few minutes later when he had made sure that Glenn was not

following and was sure that he had surely exceeded the attack range of the fire bird.

’’Luck is so against me! The first day being in this damn place and I came across such a freak!’’

The man complained.

The next second, he broke out in cold sweat and suddenly he could not see anything.

’’No, no... I am cursed!’’ The man became desperate and scurried around in blindness.

Glenn tracked him down half an hourglass later using his enhanced odor discerning capability

and found him burnt out because of the curse.

’’You poor silly soul. Why did you cultivate such a sorcery for running? And you haven't bred

your Symbiotic insects. That is suicide.’’


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