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A Naive Short-tempered Girl - Chapter 382


Chapter 382

Chapter 382

Encountering Zeng Kai Rui


He using Albania Language said that sentence what did he mean? Yao Yao with confused staring at Yu Ao Tian back which gradually disappeared.

And then, Hei Yan Long who sat beside his pair of black eyes gradually dim....

’’Mr. Bartholomew, recently do you have time? My husband really respect you so much, I hope you can meet him, but unfortunately, now he still in Turkey could not come here.’’ seeing Yu Ao Tian has already left, Yao Yao caught this opportunity.

’’Oh? Perhaps, I will be still staying in China for one week, this is my name card, when your husband come back from Turkey you can ask him to come look for me.’’

Yao Yao smiles receiving Mr. Bartholomew's name card: ’’Mr. Bartholomew, you are really so friendly, I believe you may make best friend with my husband.’’

’’Haha, it is also my honor, I really never thought someone so young a little girl like you able to speak few languages. Well, today I still have thing that haven't settled, next time when we meet we going to talk more.’’

’’En. Alright.’’

Mr. Bartholomew is giving simply bid good bye to Prime Minister Qi and then left.

At this moment, Yao Yao became the main focus inside this inner hall.

’’Aiya, Old Feng, it seems that Ao Tian really not mistaken, it is indeed I am not enough know your second daughter in law quite well, not only very young has become world class advance lawyer, but still has other skill, even able to speak Angola language, really impressed with Chen Yi's eyes!’’

’’Old Qi, you are too humble.’’ at the moment when listened to other praised his family member, Feng Xiao is extremely happy. ’’Come, Yao Yao, hurry thank your uncle Qi praising to you.’’

’’Haha, Thank you uncle Qi.’’

’’Yao Yao, you are indeed performed as what you told me on that day.’’ Feng Xiao is whispered on her ear, also giving his meaningful pat on her shoulder.

Yao Yao understood what did her Father in Law mean with his words, without doubt it was the first time when she met Feng Xiao, she ever said, even though she didn't have wealthy second generation background, but her value is more than than those wealthy second generation! ’’Father in Law, I go out for moment.’’


She slowly walking out from the inner hall, her face is showing faint smile expression.

Perhaps, Father in Law still not accept her from his inside heart, but.... as long as he not make thing difficult for her like before it's okay. She really does not want to see Feng Chen Yi goes opposite with her Father in Law.

’’Tck, just now that sentence spoke in Albania Language what did Yu Ao Tian mean?’’ even though she has told herself not to think of it, but Yao Yao really could not get over from her curiosity, her head is filled with question marks.

She keeps thinking while walking on the corridor, and also speaking to herself, pouted her mouth.

Just by this time....

’’Aiyo....’’ by coincidence she bumped into someone who just coming over.

’’Mr. Vice Prime Minister, are you alright?’’ few of body guards are nervously asked the man who being bumped, with fierce glare glaring at Yao Yao: ’’Be careful!!!’’

Mr....Vice.... Prime Minister...!



Rui.... is he?

'Thump, thump'

Her heart skip beat, toward this name which countless time appeared in Yao Yao's memory there incomparable familiar more. But this still Yao Yao first time.... encounter Zeng Kai Rui!

Calm down, Yao Yao is dumbstruck staring at the middle aged man who has height about 180cm something.

He estimated at least younger than 40 years old, but ages seem not leave any old trace on his face, a thick black hair with his handsome face, mature face. A pair of sparkle black eyes, such high nose and also one charming smile of thin lips.

The first impression which given by Zeng Kai Rui is someone mature, a man with dignity and also gentleman aura!

Is this man, he was father's boss before?

One person on top under a million people, a Mr. Vice Prime Minister

And also....

Yu Ao Tian's enemy?

’’Little girl, did I bump you?’’ Zeng Kai Rui gently spoke, his hoarse voice such charming.

She gained herself, stiffly shaking her head: ’’I, I am sorry, it was me who bumped.... into you.’’

’’Haha, really such polite little girl.’’ Zeng Kai Rui warmly rubbing on Yao Yao's hair, that sparkling pair of eyes staring at her face.

Yao Yao nervously lower her head, her heart constantly skip a beat, as if alike last time reaction when she was doing a representative lawyer.

Excited? Or panicking? Not clear. Anyway when meeting these great leaders of this country, perhaps everyone is going to show this kind of reaction right?

’’Little girl, I feel you little bit familiar.’’

Uh! Vice Prime Minister recognized her? Is it because of father? But after she thought it carefully impossible, she isn't her father biological daughter, impossible looked similar.

’’I remembered, during when Director Yu congress election, you were his representative lawyer right?’’

It seemed during that time Vice Prime Minister didn't come right? Yao Yao pursed her lips smiled, excitedly nodding her head: ’’That right. Vice Minister.’’

’’Haha, you are so awesome. If really can, will you willing to work for government?’’

’’Willing!!’’ by this way, she could move one step getting closer to Yu Ao Tian. But... ’’Still forget it.’’

’’What's matter?’’ Zeng Kai Rui curiously asked Yao Yao who seemed to be hopeless.

’’My mother not allowed me to work for government.’’ even though, she really wanted to revenge faster on behalf her mother, but, still respect her mother last will.

’’So this the case...’’ Zeng Kai Rui heave a sighed, but that pair of sparkling black eyes quickly flashed one sharp gleam. ’’It's okay, this is the way to contact me, if you have changed your mind you can directly contact me.’’

Is this.... Mr. Vice Minister.... way of.... contact?

When Yao Yao received Zeng Kai Rui's card name at that moment her hands are shaking, this is too honorable right? ’’En, thank you. Vice Prime Minister.’’

’’Haha.’’ Zeng Kai Rui smiles and then directly left. But when he walked two steps, his footstep suddenly stopped....

His sharp eyes are glanced at Yao Yao's back which gradually left further, the next moment, that pair of sparkling eyes quickly looked at the another figure which at the other corner!!!

The light and black of two paths line of sight walking in the corridor which exchanging wrongly, at the moment it seemed there is sparked of 10000 of fire. While Yao Yao who completely did not know everything has already gotten in between these sight, but she still indulge inside her own little world....

’’I have met Mr. Representative Prime Minister, and now I even have the way to contact of Mr. Vice Prime Minister.

Ha, my life is fulfilled already? Let me think, how many people in this life time being able to see such great people in television into real life?’’ once she thought to this point, Yao Yao is extremely excited. ’’Hihihi.... uh!’’

At the moment when she passed the wash room, a pair of hand pulled her inside the male wash room....


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